Baby Did Some Bad, Bad Things
(Because They Felt So Good)

a S&E NC-17 story


This one's not related to S&E's story on the show. In it, Emily's 22 and about to graduate from PCU. She plans to go to Medical School until she meets Sonny Corinthos and finds herself doing things she never thought she'd do! Sonny's about 35 in this story. Jason is still a Q and not a factor. The other major characters are Luke, Lucky and Elizabeth, and Taggart.

Chapter 1

Emily Quartermaine sat at a table in Kelly's diner. She was supposed to be studying, but instead was staring off into space. She was bored--just plain bored. There was nothing in her life that interested her, or excited her. She was a solid pre-med student; a dutiful daughter of the most prestigious family in Port Charles; a good friend to Elizabeth Webber and Elizabeth's boyfriend Lucky Spencer. She's met plenty of young men at PCU, but none of them interested her in the slightest. Elizabeth & Lucky were always trying to fix her up, but she wasn't interested in that either. She wondered if she'd ever be interested in anything again.

"Hey Emily!" She snapped out of her musings to see Lucky taking a seat at her table. Since Elizabeth worked at Kelly's, Emily and Lucky often hung out there. It was a good place for both of them to study; Lucky and Elizabeth also attended PCU. "What's going on?" Lucky asked. "Nothing much," Emily replied--it was her usual answer. Nothing much was going on as far as she was concerned. She lived with her family; went to school; studied; went out occasionally with friends. That was about it. Not much to talk about. "We need to find you a boyfriend," Lucky said with a smile. Emily started to protest, but then realized Lucky was distracted by someone who had just entered the diner. "Oh, hey Sonny," Lucky said in a friendly but nervous voice. A man stopped at their table. "Lucky. Is your dad back yet?" Emily looked up at the man and her eyes got wide. He was ragingly handsome. His musky cologne filled her nostrils and she breathed in deeply. Her heart started racing. "No," Lucky responded; "he should be back tonight." Sonny Corinthos nodded his head. "Tell him to call me OK?" And then before Lucky could reply, he walked off towards the counter. Lucky looked back at Emily with an uneasy smile. Emily tried to appear nonchalant; "who's that?" "Oh, his name's Sonny Corinthos. Sorry I didn't introduce you--he makes me kind of nervous sometimes and I forgot." "I can see that; why?" "He works with my dad--doing stuff they shouldn't be doing, if you know what I mean." Emily had no idea what he meant, but didn't want to admit it. She said nothing further, but thought to herself that she'd like to be doing things she shouldn't--especially with Sonny Corinthos.

Then Emily silently chided herself. "He didn't even look at you. Why would a man like that want anything to do with you?" Sonny was clearly a good ten years older than she, and clearly a man of the world. Emily felt depressed. Sonny got a cup of coffee at the counter. Emily noticed he didn't pay for it. And then Sonny turned and started walking back towards the door. Emily tried not to look at him. Sonny paused as he reached their table and addressed her. "Try not to let Lucky bore you too much," he joked. Emily looked up with a start. Sonny was smiling at her; deep dimples lending a look of innocence to his face. "I'm not boring!" Lucky protested. Emily couldn't take her eyes off Sonny, and he noticed. His expression changed from playful to serious and it sent a shudder down Emily's spine. "Besides," Lucky added, "I'm dating Elizabeth, not Emily." Sonny glanced at Lucky, intrigued by that bit of information, and then moved his eyes back to Emily's beautiful face. "Have a nice day," he told her. And then he was gone. Emily sank back into her chair and let out a deep breath. "Ooh, maybe I shouldn't have said that," Lucky commented; "I only wanted to explain that I wasn't your boyfriend." Emily looked at him, "so, what's the problem?" "The way he was looking at you," Lucky replied. "Be careful Emily. That's not some PCU student." Emily shrugged; trying to play it off. "He wasn't 'looking' at me Lucky. He was just being friendly." "OK, if you say so." "So let me ask you one more thing," Emily said. "Why didn't he pay for his coffee?" "He runs this waterfront," Lucky told her; "I doubt he pays for anything around here."


Chapter 2

Emily waited until Lucky said goodbye to Elizabeth and left Kelly's, and then she approached her best friend. Taking a seat at the counter Emily asked her, "so who was that guy?" Elizabeth was filling salt shakers; "what guy?" "The one that got coffee and didn't pay for it." Elizabeth looked up at her and tried to figure out to whom she was referring. "Oh you mean Sonny Corinthos?" Emily nodded, "yeah Sonny; that's what Lucky called him." "He's friends with Lucky's dad Luke." Emily didn't say she already knew and let Elizabeth keep talking. "He comes in here a lot." "How come I've never seen him before?" Emily asked. Elizabeth shrugged, "I don't know; you must not have been here at the same time I guess. Anyway, he's a gangster." Emily's heart sped up. "What does that mean exactly?" Elizabeth laughed; "you think I know? That's just what people say about him." "What else do they say," Emily inquired. "That he's dangerous," Elizabeth seriously replied. "Why are you asking about him Em?" "Just curious," Emily responded. Elizabeth didn't believe her. "Em--he's way too much for you to handle." "I'm not planning on 'handling' him!" Emily exclaimed. But of course her mind went exactly there. "I just think he's--" "Hot?" Elizabeth finished her sentence. "Yeah don't you?" Emily asked. "Well duh Em, of course!" They both burst out laughing. "Oh boy," Emily stated; "I've got it bad."

Sonny strolled into one of his warehouses and found three of his men huddled together. "What's going on?" he asked as he approached. The men quickly separated and the warehouse foreman addressed him. "Nothing boss; just talking about the latest shipment." A large part of Sonny's criminal empire was the smuggling of illegal goods into the U.S. "Is it light?" Sonny asked, wondering if someone had tried to stiff him. "It might be," the foreman replied. "Uh--I was planning on staying late tonight and looking through everything myself. If--if that's ok with you?" Sonny could tell the man was nervous, as were the others who were still standing there. "Sure, that's fine with me," Sonny replied smiling. "And hey--thanks for doing such a thorough job." The foreman smiled back at him. Sonny walked away; his smile immediately fading. He instinctively knew he was being snowed--and he didn't like it one bit.

Emily left Kelly's and went home to her family's mansion. They all ate dinner together, and as usual a huge fight broke out at the table. The house was always in chaos. Emily hated most of the Quartermaines, and tolerated the rest. A day didn't go by that she didn't miss her biological mother who had died of breast cancer. It was her mother Paige's dying wish that her friend Monica Quartermaine adopt Emily and take care of her, which Monica gladly did. But Emily never felt comfortable with the family or in their mansion. And their expectations of her to become a doctor like Monica and her husband Alan were stifling sometimes. Emily finished up her meal and snuck out of the house. She drove down to the waterfront, parked her car, and decided to take a walk on the docks.

Chapter 3

Sonny paced on the docks, fuming. The only thing he hated worse than a traitor was a traitor who ratted to the authorities. A traitor who stole from him was only slightly higher up on the scale than that. He was going to handle the situation himself; wait a while, then sneak back into the warehouse and catch the foreman and his accomplices in the act of taking something out of the latest shipment. Sonny knew they would try to tell him the items were never delivered. "But they won't get that chance," Sonny growled. He heard someone walking up behind him and spun around startling Emily. "Ooh!" she cried. She hadn't seen him standing there in the dark. It took Sonny a moment to remember where he'd seen the lovely woman before. "Emily right?" he asked approaching her. "Good memory," Emily quietly replied. "Didn't mean to scare you," Sonny added; "but you shouldn't sneak up on a man like that." "I wasn't! I mean, sneaking up on you. I was just walking. I didn't know you were there." Sonny could tell she was intimidated by him. "OK," he said; "no problem. So why are you out here alone? It's not a safe place for a beautiful girl to be." Emily swooned slightly at him calling her beautiful and then found her voice to respond. "I just needed some air." Sonny smiled, "what, the air's no good in the Q mansion?" "You--you know where I live?" Emily stammered. "You are Emily Quartermaine aren't you?" "Yes." "Then I know where you live. I know everything I need to know Emily." Emily had no doubt that was true. "And you know who I am don't you?" Sonny asked her. "Yes. You're Sonny Corinthos," Emily replied.

"So this must be my lucky day," Sonny continued. "Seeing you two times I mean." Emily blushed. "It's nice to see you again too." Sonny stared at her; a streetlight illuminating his dark features. He looked very sexy--and very dangerous. Emily wondered how dangerous he really was. "You're staring at me," Sonny chuckled. Emily looked down at the ground. "Sorry--I don't mean to be rude." Sonny took a step closer to her. "You're not rude. It's just--you shouldn't stare at a man like that unless you mean business. You know what I mean?" Sonny reached out his hand and touched her face. Emily closed her eyes. She was shaking like a leaf. Sonny was playing around with her; he had no intention of making a move on the Quartermaine princess. He had enough trouble with Edward Quartermaine already; they butted heads often over docks projects. He pulled his hand back. "Sorry. I shouldn't have taken the liberty. You have a good night Emily." And then he turned and walked off. Emily's eyes shot open as he was vanishing into the night. She quickly walked after him. She couldn't just let him go like that; not when she wanted him so much.

Sonny returned to the warehouse and let himself in. He concealed himself behind some large crates not involved with the latest shipment, and observed the foreman and his pals going through the crates in question in the middle of the room. Emily reached the warehouse right behind him and slipped in through the same door which was now unlocked. She saw Sonny kneeling behind some boxes and wondered what was going on. Sonny heard a sound and turned his head towards the door. He saw Emily there and knew she had followed him. He motioned her to come over. She did, and he pulled her down to the ground next to him. "Don't make a sound," he whispered angrily. Emily's heart was pounding and she wondered what she'd just gotten herself into. She settled down on her knees next to him; her short skirt exposing most of her long legs. Sonny noticed out of the corner of his eye and felt himself getting hard. It was going to be tough concentrating on the task at hand.

Chapter 4

Sonny soon had the confirmation he needed that his men were stealing from him. The men took the items they wanted and then closed the crates back up. Sonny knew the foreman would alter the manifests to make it look like the items were never shipped. After they finished their theft, the men all left the warehouse through a back door. Emily couldn't see anything that was going on because she was keeping herself as close to the ground as possible. So she didn't know that she and Sonny were now all alone--and he wasn't about to tell her. Instead he reached a hand over and touched the back of her leg. Emily's breath caught in her chest. "Since you followed me here," Sonny whispered, "I can only assume you don't mind me touching you. Am I right?" Emily nodded her head. Sonny's hand trailed up her leg. When he reached her skirt, which only covered the top of her thighs, he snaked his hand under it. Emily shuddered but didn't stop him. Sonny cupped one cheek of her butt and Emily thought she would faint. She was trying really hard not to make a sound per Sonny's instruction, because she still didn't know why they were hiding in the warehouse or who else was there. "Just tell me to stop if you want," Sonny whispered in a strained voice. Emily didn't want him to stop. Sonny caressed her ass. Emily was aching for him to touch her pussy which was throbbing with desire. She looked at him and mouthed, "touch me." Sonny smiled at her and leaned over for a kiss. As he captured her mouth his fingers found their way in between her legs. He pushed her thong aside, and then stifled a groan upon feeling how wet she was. His tongue danced with hers and his fingers stroked her soft folds.

"Uhhhhh" Emily loudly moaned. She'd totally forgotten she was supposed to remain quiet, and frankly couldn't have stopped the moan if she tried. Sonny didn't bother trying to keep up the charade; he wanted to hear her moan. He stopped kissing her and sank the tips of two fingers into her. "You like that baby?" he growled. "Yes!" Emily whimpered. "Get on your hands and knees so I can reach you better," he instructed. Emily did as he said and his fingers went in deeper. "Oh shit!" Emily softly cried. Sonny gave her another instruction; "I want you to cum for me." He fucked her with his fingers, and Emily rocked back and forth against his hand. "It feels so good!" she declared. "This ain't nothing compared to what I can do to you--what I will do to you," Sonny retorted. Despite being a virgin with limited sexual experience, Emily knew she wanted him to do anything and everything he wanted. "I'm--I'm cumming," Emily said loudly. She then added, "oh shit, sorry!" Sonny laughed, "it's OK. They've been gone for a while. Come on baby, let it go--" He increased the speed and force of his motions and Emily broke. "Oooooooh!!!" Sonny licked his lips and watched her face as she released. "Damn she's beautiful," he thought. So much for steering clear of the Quartermaine princess; he wanted her too damn much.

Chapter 5

"I can't believe you just did that!" Emily exclaimed after straightening out her clothes and standing up. Sonny licked her taste off his fingers and then stood as well while brushing off his pants. "You could have stopped me," he sullenly replied, assuming she was about to tell him what a cad he was. Emily looked at him; her face red. "No! I mean--what I meant was--I can't believe you made me cum like that--so easily!" Sonny relaxed and smiled. "Oh baby I can make you cum like that a million different ways. Come home with me and I'll show you." He put out his hand. Emily took it. Her head was swimming. Sonny led her to the door and outside. Then he let go of her hand and turned to lock up the warehouse. "Why were we here anyway?" Emily asked. Sonny turned back to her. "We? I know why I was here. You were here because you followed me," he told her with a sly grin. Emily smiled, "I know that! But why were you here hiding behind those crates?" Sonny's face got serious. "I was checking up on some people. Some people who did something they shouldn't. Some people who are going to learn that it's a mistake to cross Sonny Corinthos." Emily shuddered at his words. There was no doubting Sonny was indeed a dangerous man. "Let's go," Sonny then said, putting his hand out again. The night breeze hit Emily in the face and brought her back to reality. "Oh shit! What time is it?" she cried looking at her watch. It was eleven o'clock. "I need to go home!" "Why?" Sonny questioned, frustrated that she was calling their time together short. He had a painful erection he was hoping she would help him with, as well as him wanting to make her cum over and over all night long. "My family will be wondering where I went!" "You are an adult aren't you?" Sonny asked with a bit of condescension. "Yes!" Emily defiantly replied. "But--I still live at home and they support me--and they expect certain things from me--" "Well then you'd better go," Sonny said. "We wouldn't want the Quartermaine princess to disappoint anyone--other than me of course." Emily thought he was being unfair but also felt badly. "I'm--I'm sorry. Can we get together another time?" Sonny studied her face, and when satisfied she was sincere he told her, "tomorrow night; Eight o'clock; on the docks where we met tonight." Emily nodded her head; "I'll be there." "Come on," Sonny said taking her hand; "I'll walk you to your car."

As Emily drove home she pondered the night's events. She was surprised at how bold she'd been--and at how much she liked what had happened. She liked the danger and the uncertainty of following Sonny into the warehouse and hiding there with him. She liked the way he took command and pleasured her before they'd even gotten to know each other. She even liked the way he told her about the men who had crossed him, and how they'd regret it. It was all so foreign to her safe, steady life; and all so thrilling. She couldn't wait to see him again. Sonny went off to take out his frustrations on someone who deserved it. He sent some of his men after the foreman's accomplices, but was going to handle the "leader" of the deception on his own. Other than sex, nothing made Sonny Corinthos feel better than whipping someone's ass.

Chapter 6

"Where have you been young lady!" "Do you know what time it is?" "Why didn't you tell anyone you were going out!" Emily was verbally assaulted the moment she stepped in the door. She waited for everyone to stop yelling, and then responded with the excuse she'd made up in the car. "Elizabeth needed to see me; she'd had a bad fight with Lucky." Her parents and grandfather calmed down. "Oh, OK," Monica said. "Next time, tell us before you go out." Emily gave her a fake smile; "I will mother. Sorry about that." Her grandfather Edward noticed that her knees were dirty and her clothes were wrinkled. He smiled back at her. "That's OK dear. We know we don't have to worry about you. You're so responsible." Emily excused herself and went up to her room. She threw herself on the bed. "Responsible! That's all they think of me; Little Ms. Responsible." Then she thought about Sonny and sighed. She hugged her pillow and whispered, "I can't wait for tomorrow night Sonny." Downstairs, Edward was reading Monica and Alan the riot act. "If you believe her you two have lost all your senses! She was out meeting a boy, not Elizabeth!" "Oh Edward, put a sock in it!" Monica yelled back. Edward threw his hands up and walked away. If her parents wanted to be blind he was going to keep an eye on Emily himself.

Back in the warehouse, Sonny waited for his foreman to show up. He called the man and said he had an idea who was stealing from them; that it must be someone at the source of the shipment. The foreman was dumb enough to believe he'd been successful in duping the boss, and agreed to come right over. "I knew you'd figure it out boss!" the man cheerfully exclaimed as he approached. Then he heard the sound of a door locking behind him. He turned and saw that Sonny wasn't there alone. He turned back to face Sonny and wet himself when he saw the boss holding a baseball bat. "Oh I figured it out," Sonny calmly told him. "I had some guys fill in your two pals already." "Boss--it's not what you think." Sonny glared at him. "Do not insult me any more by lying to my face. Now, you're going to confess what you've done, and you're going to pay for it. Any questions?" The foreman fell to his knees. "No, no questions boss."

The next morning Sonny promoted another employee to foreman. "Thanks boss," the man gratefully accepted the assignment. "Can I ask what happened to the other guy?" "Well you could," Sonny replied; "but if I told you--" The man swallowed hard; "you'd have to kill me?" Emily overslept and almost missed her first class. Between that and thinking about meeting Sonny that night, she never noticed a man in a car that followed her everywhere she went.

Chapter 7

Emily made a quick stop in Kelly's after her classes. She hurried to the counter to talk to Elizabeth. "If anyone asks I'm meeting you tonight." Elizabeth looked at her quizzically. "Who would ask, and who are you really meeting?" Emily looked around, and after seeing no one was within earshot filled her friend in: "My parents--and Sonny Corinthos." Elizabeth's jaw fell open. "What?!" Emily blushed; "we--we were together last night too." "Together how?" Elizabeth asked also blushing. "It was amazing--and scary--and I can't really tell you everything," Emily replied; "and I have to get home so I can get ready to see him later." "Well if I'm your alibi I want a full report at some point!" Emily agreed and then hurried out the door. Later over dinner she told her family she was studying with Elizabeth later that night. Her parents bought it but Edward knew better. When Emily went upstairs to get ready he called the man he'd hired to follow her. "Let me know where she goes and who she meets." Then he called someone else on his payroll. "It's Edward Quartermaine. I might need you later tonight."

Sonny stood on the docks staring out over the water. His mind was filled with the previous night's events, both pleasurable and otherwise. He was still enraged over his employees trying to steal from him, but tried to move past it so he could enjoy his time with Emily. He knew it was asking for trouble to be dating a member of Port Charles' most prominent family--or more accurately, to be having sex with her. Sonny doubted he and Emily would be "dating" much; he wanted to spend all their time together in bed. He relished the idea of teaching Emily all about the many ways to please him, and the ways he could please her. He glanced at his watch; it was 8:15. He wondered if she was going to show. And then he heard the unmistakable sound of heels clicking on the pier. She was breathless when she reached him. "I'm sorry I'm late!" Sonny smiled and kissed her. "That's OK; you're here now. Let's go." Emily put her arm through his and they started to walk. "Where are we going?" she asked. Sonny stopped and turned to her. "My place if that's OK with you." Emily shuddered; she was hoping that was the case. She didn't want to be out somewhere public with him, where everyone could see her desire. She felt it was on display for the world to witness. She stared into his dark eyes; "sounds perfect." Sonny kissed her again, then turned and continued walking. "It's not far," he told her. "Good," Emily thought; "I don't want to wait too long for you to touch me again."

When they reached the Paradise Lounge Emily stopped in her tracks. The club was dark and obviously closed and yet Sonny started to unlock the door. "You--you live here?" Emily haltingly asked. "Yup," he replied opening the door and holding it for her. Emily walked in. Directly in front of them was a staircase; to the left was an open doorway. Sonny answered her silent question. "The club is through there. It's been closed for six months and I doubt I'll open it again." "Why was it closed?" Emily asked, not even fully understanding what kind of club it was despite the pictures of women that adorned the entry way. Sonny guided her up the stairs and unlocked another door at the top. They then entered his apartment. Once inside he explained what had happened. "I hired someone as a stripper who I thought was of age. Turned out she wasn't. The city closed me down." Emily was a bit confused and overwhelmed, and let it go at that. She realized there was a lot she didn't know about Sonny Corinthos. "Would you like a glass of wine?" Sonny asked as he took her jacket. Emily nodded her head. Sonny put her jacket down, disappeared into another room, and then returned with two glasses of red wine. He handed her one. "To us," he toasted, offering his glass up for a clink. Emily touched his with hers and then took a healthy gulp. She was hoping it would calm her down.

"Are you nervous being here with me?" Sonny asked. "A little," she answered truthfully. "I didn't know where you lived--or that you had a club--" "Does it matter?" "No not really. It's just--you're so complex." Sonny smiled. "That's one word for it." He took her glass and put it down on a table. He finished off his own and put it down as well. Then he stepped closer and gathered her in his arms. He kissed her deeply and her legs threatened to give way. "I was so hot for you last night," he whispered against her mouth. "I wanted to finish what we started." "Me too," Emily moaned in reply. Sonny led her over to the couch and he took a seat. "Will you get on the floor in front of me?" he asked. Emily was puzzled, but let him guide her in between his legs and onto her knees. Then she realized what he wanted her to do. "If you take care of me first," he told her in a gruff voice, "then I can take my time with you." Emily's eyes were wide as she nodded in agreement. She moved her hand up to touch him. His bulge was very large and easy to locate. She ran her hand up over his pants, tracing his member. Sonny's breath caught at the sensation. "Yeah--yeah--yeah--yeah--yeah," he groaned. "It's--so--big," Emily marveled. Sonny smiled. "Nice and big baby; you're going to love it inside of you." Despite never having anyone inside of her, Emily had no doubt that was true. She reached for his belt and unbuckled it. Sonny settled back and closed his eyes. Then she lowered his zipper and put her hand inside. Suddenly, there was a loud noise--and the door burst open.

Chapter 8

Emily stood up with a start leaving Sonny sitting on the couch with his pants open. She looked at the intruder; he was a bald, black man, and he was pointing a gun right at them. Emily was appropriately afraid. "Step away from Mr. Corinthos please," the man told her keeping the gun trained on Sonny. Sonny calmly looked at Emily. "Do what he says." She did, but wasn't calm at all. "What do you want Taggart?" Sonny asked the man whom he knew quite well. "Ms. Quartermaine's family is worried about her," Detective Marcus Taggart informed him. Sonny had long suspected that Taggart was in Edward Quartermaine's pocket and he now had confirmation. "Are you going to take me home to them?" Emily nervously asked. "No," Taggart replied. "I have business with Mr. Corinthos. But you need to go home now." Sonny again looked at her. "Go ahead Em." Emily didn't want to leave him. "But what about you? Who is he?" "Detective Marcus Taggart, PCPD," Taggart informed her. "He's a dirty cop Emily," Sonny corrected. "Just go home, I'll be fine." Emily reluctantly picked her jacket up from a nearby chair and walked to the door. Taggart moved further into the room to let her pass. When she left he kicked the door closed with his foot. "Stand up Corinthos!" he ordered, still pointing his gun at Sonny. Sonny did, fastening his pants as he stood.

Taggart shook his head. "A fine, upstanding young lady, and you just have to dirty her up don't you?" he spat at Sonny. Sonny just glared at him; he wouldn't give Taggart the satisfaction of discussing Emily with him. He had a long, nasty history with the detective. Taggart was the protégé of Sonny's stepfather Detective Deke Woods, back when they all lived in Brooklyn. Deke was a crooked cop and an abusive man. He abused both Sonny & his mother for many years. But to Taggart, Deke was a hero; the man who saved him from a life of crime and the streets. Deke had convinced Taggart that Sonny was the one who abused his mother. Taggart also believed that Sonny killed Deke one night, years ago, in an alley in Brooklyn. In reality it was Sonny's mob mentor Joe Scully who killed Deke on Sonny's behalf. The bad blood followed the men to Port Charles when Taggart took a transfer just to have another crack at bringing Sonny down. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back," Taggart ordered. Sonny did as he said; he didn't have much choice. But he knew Taggart was not there on official business, and that any arrest wouldn't stick, so he played along. Taggart holstered his gun and took out his cuffs. Once the cuffs were fastened, he spun Sonny around again. "You've got nothing on me," Sonny told him; "as usual." "True," Taggart replied. "That's why I'm not arresting you." He braced himself against Sonny with one hand, and punched him right in the gut with the other. "Uh!" Sonny groaned and doubled over with the impact. Taggart pulled him up by his shirt. "Stay away from Emily Quartermaine!" he yelled and continued beating his victim.

Outside, Emily waited instead of going home as she was instructed. She figured the policeman would bring Sonny out at any moment and she wanted to ask Sonny if he needed her to call anyone. She kept waiting but they never came out. Emily felt something was very wrong with the situation. She hurried back inside and ran up the stairs.

Chapter 9

Emily heard Sonny's groans as she approached the door. She also heard the unmistakable sound of body blows. She quietly tried the door knob and was grateful the door wasn't locked. She pushed it open slightly and peered inside. Taggart was pummeling away at Sonny's mid-section, straightening him back up whenever Sonny started to crumble down. Emily silenced a scream and looked around for a weapon. The closest item was a large table lamp. She grabbed it and yanked the plug free from the wall socket. Then she turned the lamp upside down, and holding it with both hands walked up behind Taggart. Neither man saw her. She raised the lamp as high as she could and brought it down on Taggart's head. He went crashing to the ground, as did the lamp which she immediately dropped. Sonny realized Taggart's assault of him had ceased. He collapsed down onto his knees. "Sonny!" Emily cried, and went down next to him. "Emily?" Sonny whispered through teeth clenched with pain. "Are you OK?" Emily anxiously asked. Sonny looked for Taggart and saw him lying motionless on the ground. He nodded his head and then told her, "thanks for the save--find the keys--for the cuffs." She went over to Taggart and searched his pockets, trying to ignore that she had just assaulted a cop. She did notice he was still breathing, which calmed her somewhat.

She found the keys and went back to Sonny to free him. When she did he doubled over grabbing his mid-section. "I bet he broke my ribs--" he groaned. "Sonny why did he do that? I thought he was arresting you!" Sonny shook his head, "your grandfather sent him after me--to warn me off." "So he beat you up? But he's a cop!" Sonny managed to smile through his pain. "He's a pig, just like his mentor--" Emily didn't know what he was talking about but didn't think this was the right time for Sonny to tell her the story. "What should we do now?" she asked. Sonny tried to sit up straight. "You go home; I'll handle this." "OK," Emily agreed, wondering how she was going to handle her grandfather when she got there. "I'm sorry Sonny." "For what?" "For all this--maybe I'm more trouble than it's worth." Sonny laughed which caused him considerable pain. "You? You're more trouble than you're worth? Remember who you're talking to here Emily. I'm the one who's ruining your perfect life." Emily put her arms around him and looked into his eyes. "My life was far from perfect, but it's so much better now that you're in it. I want you to know that." Sonny smiled and pursed his lips for a kiss. Emily gave him one and then stood up. She helped him up and back to the couch which he fell onto. "Maybe I should look you over?" Emily suggested. Sonny smiled again. "I'd love that baby, but let's wait until I'm well enough to do something about it." Emily rolled her eyes, "that's not what I meant. I mean--I'm taking pre-med at PCU. OK, I'm not a doctor, I'm not even close, but maybe I could see what's wrong--" "It's OK. Just give me the phone and then you should go. And I hope Edward isn't too hard on you." Emily hoped he wasn't either.

Chapter 10

After Emily left Sonny called some of his men and a doctor who handled mob-related injuries for them. He instructed the men to return Detective Taggart to his home, and then let he the doctor examine him. As the doctor bandaged his abdomen to help hold his broken ribs in place, Sonny could think only of Emily and worry what she would be greeted with when she returned to the mansion. He was right to worry. When Emily entered the house her grandfather grabbed her arm and pulled her into his study. "You are in serious trouble young lady! Sneaking out to be with that hoodlum Sonny Corinthos? I will not have you damage our family name!" Emily was enraged. "Oh but you can hire a crooked cop to beat him up? Who are you to tell me what I'm doing is wrong?!" "I'm your grandfather, the head of this family, and the man who supports you!" Edward bellowed back. "No you're not! My parents support me!" "And they are very disappointed in you," Edward informed her. "They had to go the hospital like the responsible doctors that they are, but before they went I told them where you were and with whom! And they agreed if you don't stop seeing that--that thug--right now, you will be out of this house and this family!" Emily was stunned by his threat but remained steadfast. "I'm not giving him up grandfather, so I'll go and pack and leave!" Edward was still holding her arm and stopped her from walking away. "You will stop seeing him, because if you don't I'll make sure he ends up in prison for the rest of his life--or dead. I don't care which!" Emily yanked her arm away with a cry and ran away from him. She hurried up to her room to pack. She didn't want to stay in that house for another moment. As she gathered some clothes she realized she didn't know where to go. She believed Edward's threat towards Sonny, and knew that even though she was breaking from her family she'd have to give Sonny up as well. "I won't let them hurt you anymore," she pledged, crying at the thought of never being with him again.

Luke Spencer always got a bit nervous when someone knocked on his door late at night. He pushed the curtain aside and peaked through. His face registered surprise and he opened the door. "Emily--are you all right? Why are you here so late?" Before she could answer, Lucky bounded down the stairs from his room. "Em?" Luke moved aside to let her in, taking her bag from her. Both men could tell she'd been crying. "I was kicked out of my house," Emily explained; "I didn't know where else to go. Can I stay here tonight?" Luke was never one to pry into other's business so he simply responded, "of course you can." Then he excused himself to let Lucky talk with his friend. Lucky led Emily over to the sofa. She plopped down; exhausted. "What happened?" Lucky anxiously asked. Emily knew Elizabeth would be upset with her confiding in Lucky before her, but since Elizabeth lived with her grandmother--who certainly wouldn't approve of anything Emily was doing--she figured Lucky was the safer route to take. "It's kind of a long story--" she began, and then proceeded to tell Lucky how she was seeing Sonny and how her family disapproved. She left out a lot of details, like what happened in the warehouse, and in Sonny's apartment, and how she was about to tell Sonny a really big lie.

The next morning Sonny woke up on his couch where he'd fallen asleep with the help of painkillers. His ribs were aching as was his head. He groaned remembering what had happened. "Fucking Taggart," he muttered. Then he thought about Emily and wondered what kind of a scene she had gone home to. He picked up the phone that was still by his side and dialed her cell. Emily was sound asleep when the phone woke her up. She blindly grabbed for it in her pile of belongings on the floor in the Spencer's guest room. "He--hello?" "Good morning baby," Sonny cheerfully greeted her. "Sonny?" "Damn straight it's Sonny! Is there someone else who calls you 'baby'?" Sonny retorted angrily. Emily woke up fully and sat up in bed. "No! I just was half asleep--How'd you get this number?" "I told you, I know what I need to know. So I wanted to make sure you were OK after last night." "I'm fine Sonny," Emily lied. "Great. So they weren't too hard on you?" Sonny asked not quite believing her. "They were, but it was OK because they made me see the truth," Emily said still lying. "Truth? What truth?" Sonny asked getting angry again. "That you're no good for me--I can't see you anymore." Sonny didn't respond. "Sonny? Are you still there?" "I'm here. I think you're full of shit Emily. You're saying all this because they told you to--right?" "No it's what I want," Emily protested. "Then why did you say you 'can't' see me?" "OK--OK--I don't want to see you! Is that better?!" Emily yelled into the phone. "Emily--" "Don't call me again Sonny!" she yelled again and then hung up the phone. Sonny sat with the phone to his ear for a moment longer. He still didn't believe she was ending things of her own free will. But stuck on his couch, in pain, he was going to need help figuring it all out.

Chapter 11

When Luke got a call from Sonny he assumed it was about business. Sonny cut Luke in on lucrative "business deals" from time to time, and the two were good friends. "I hope everything's OK with Emily," Luke told Lucky as he was heading for the door. "Where are you going?" Lucky asked; he was always interested in his father's exploits. "Corinthos wants to see me," Luke replied. Lucky instantly knew why. "Uh--I think I'd better come with you." Luke was confused, "huh? Why?" Lucky glanced up the stairs, and then back to his father. "Because I think I know what he wants to see you about--or rather who."

After taking a shower and getting dressed, Emily gathered her things and went downstairs. The house was empty and quiet. She left a note for the Spencer family thanking them for their hospitality, and then headed over to Kelly's diner. She wanted to fill Elizabeth in and see if there was a room available there--and a job. She was going to need both. On the way to Sonny's, Lucky filled Luke in the little he knew: That something was going on between Emily & Sonny (which he knew via Elizabeth), and that was why Emily was thrown out of her house. He figured Sonny was trying to find Emily. Luke wasn't so sure. He knocked on Sonny's door. "It's open!" Sonny yelled. They went in. "Should you be leaving your door unlocked pal?" Luke questioned. Sonny pointed to the large bandage wrapped around his body and replied, "hard for me to get up and answer it." Luke took a seat next to him while Lucky stood nearby, and asked, "what happened?" Sonny glanced at Lucky before answering. "Why are you here?" "Uh--" Lucky was nervous. Luke answered for him; "he thought this was about Emily and that he could help. Is he right?" Sonny nodded his head, "yeah. She was here last night, and then something happened which I won't get into--" He didn't want anyone else to know that Emily had hit Taggart over the head. "And now she says she doesn't want to see me anymore." He stared at Luke, "I was going to ask you to find out what was going on." "Well, she came to our house late last night. Apparently the old man threw her out." "Damn it!" Sonny yelled and tried to get up. "Ow!" he then yelled and sat back down. "Take it easy man," Luke told him. "You can't rush these things." Sonny looked back to Lucky. "So if they threw her out because of me why is she ending it?" "I--I don't know," Lucky replied; "but I know she's not happy about it." That gave Sonny some hope. He thanked both of them. "I'll try to find out some more," Lucky offered. He liked the idea of Emily & Sonny being a couple. Sonny smiled at him. "Thanks man, I'd really appreciate that."

When Emily arrived at Kelly's with her belongings Elizabeth knew something was terribly wrong. "Em, what happened?!" she cried going to help her friend. "I need a cup of coffee before I can tell you," Emily replied. She sank down into a chair and Elizabeth hurried to get her a cup. When she returned with it, Emily told her the same story she'd told Lucky. "I told you that I was seeing Sonny," she began. "Right." "Well, I have to stop seeing him. My family is furious. Grandfather threw me out last night." "Oh my god, where did you go?" "To Lucky's--I thought it'd be easier than explaining things to your grandmother," Emily replied. "Good thinking," Elizabeth retorted. "But if they threw you out why do you have to stop seeing him?" "I just do. Please don't ask for details, and please whatever you do don't tell Sonny any of this!" Elizabeth looked at her like she was nuts. "Tell Sonny? That man scares me so much I can barely say hello when he comes in here for coffee!" Emily smiled. "He is scary, but he's also--" she sighed. "Well none of that matters now--it's over." Neither of them noticed the man who had approached the table. They looked up when he spoke. "It's not over."

Chapter 12

"Why do you say that Lucky?" Elizabeth asked her boyfriend. "Because I just saw Sonny; no way is he just letting you go." Emily's heart pounded. "What did he say?" "That you ended it, but he knows you were forced to by your family. He definitely seemed like he was going to fight it." Emily couldn't help but smile. Then she wondered why he'd fight to keep a woman he just wanted to have sex with. She figured he probably could have sex with any woman he wanted. Finally she told her friends the truth in a sullen voice. "Grandfather said he'd make sure Sonny went to prison--or worse--if I didn't give him up. So even though my family has pretty much abandoned me, I have to do what they want about Sonny." "That makes sense," said Elizabeth. "Maybe you should tell Sonny that and then he'll realize he has to accept it." Emily thought it over and figured she was probably right. "I'll go see him," she announced. "Is he still at his place?" she asked Lucky. "Uh yeah; he's not going anywhere for a while. You'll have a captive audience." Elizabeth offered to watch Emily's stuff, and Emily ran out the door. Lucky looked at Elizabeth and told her, "this isn't going to be as easy as you & Emily think it is. From what I know about Sonny, he usually gets what he wants."

Sonny tried to entertain himself by reading the newspaper, but was restless. He wanted to go out and find Emily but his aching ribs made that impossible. When another knock came at the door he assumed it was Luke again, or one of his men. "Come!" he yelled. Emily cautiously opened the door. Sonny's face broke into a smile when he saw her. "That took less time than I thought," he stated. "What did?" Emily asked closing the door and walking over to him. "For you to change your mind and come back to me; I figured you'd last a couple of days at least." Emily sat on the coffee table directly facing him. "I--I didn't change my mind." Sonny narrowed his eyes. "Then why are you here?" "To see how you were; and to explain." "Explain what? Why you're dumping me for no good reason?" "I have a good reason!" "Giving into your family isn't a good reason Emily," Sonny growled.

Another knock at the door interrupted them. "What?!" Sonny bellowed. The door opened and a man Emily hadn't seen before entered. "Sorry to interrupt boss," the man said; "I have that information you needed." Sonny put out his hand and the man walked over and handed him a piece of paper. "Thanks," Sonny said. "Sure thing boss; you have a good day Miss," the man acknowledged Emily before leaving. Sonny read the information; it looked like a series of numbers from Emily's vantage point. Sonny then folded up the paper and put it in the pocket of his shirt, which was unbuttoned and exposing his bandaged ribs and his chest. Emily's eyes lingered there before looking back up to his face. Sonny spoke, "so, you were saying--" Emily cleared her throat and shook the lustful thoughts from her mind. "I was saying I have a good reason for ending things with you. Besides, why do you care so much? I'm sure you can find another woman to fool around with; plenty of women." "That's true," Sonny replied. He then surprised even himself by adding, "but that's not what this is about." "This? You mean us?" "Yeah, us." Emily's heart soared. "Are you saying it's not just about sex Sonny?" Sonny shrugged, "I guess." Emily figured that was probably all she'd get from him on the subject until she gave a little too. "My grandfather--" Yet another interruption prevented her from telling Sonny why she had to let him go.

Chapter 13

"Open up Corinthos! I have a warrant to search the premises!" Detective Marcus Taggart yelled from the hallway while banging on Sonny's door. "Shit!" Sonny exclaimed; taking out the paper he had just put in his pocket. "They can't find this!" he quietly told Emily. "Give it to me!" Emily whispered. He did and she quickly rolled it up and stuck it down into her cleavage. Sonny watched her actions and smiled at the thought of retrieving that paper later on. Then he snapped back to reality. "Let him in Em, and then put on a good show about how you're ending things with me." "It's not a show," Emily sadly thought. She got up and opened the door. "You?" Taggart was surprised. "What are you doing back here?" He didn't know that Emily was the one who had knocked him out the previous night. He figured it was one of Sonny's men, since he had woken up on his living room floor later on and knew someone had put him there. "I came by to tell Sonny that I can't see him any more," Emily stated. "Good! That's what your grandfather wanted," Taggart replied. "I'm thrilled," Emily retorted. Then she left without looking at Sonny again. Sonny sat still and glared at Taggart. "What do you want now Taggart?" "Like I said I have a search warrant. You're lucky I don't bust you for last night." "Last night? You mean when you assaulted a citizen in his own home?" Taggart knew he couldn't do anything to Sonny or his men for knocking him out so he let it go. "I'm sure I'll find something here I can nail you with," he sneered. "Mr. Quartermaine wants to be certain you leave his granddaughter alone; and I figure the only way to make sure of that is if you're behind bars! So he got one of his judge friends to issue this warrant." Taggart held it up. Sonny smiled at him knowing the only incriminating evidence that existed against him just left the building nestled between Emily's breasts--exactly where he planned to be as soon as possible.

Emily hurried back to Kelly's. "I put your stuff in a room Em; there was one available," Elizabeth informed her. "Great, thanks." "How'd it go with Sonny?" "Well I didn't really get a chance to tell him everything. But I did tell him it was over." "Does he accept that?" Elizabeth asked. "I'm not sure," Emily replied. "But he might not have a choice," she added, worrying that Sonny was on his way to jail.

Later that evening, Emily was trying to study at a table in Kelly's. She was still concerned that Taggart had arrested Sonny, or hurt him again. Lucky came in, sat down, and whispered to her across the table. "Come outside with me." Emily looked up from her book. "Huh?" "Come outside with me, now." "Why are you whispering?" she asked. He didn't reply and started walking out the door. Emily was curious so she followed him. He led her to the parking lot behind the diner and over to a black sedan. He opened the back door and told Emily to get in. Emily knew instinctively Sonny was in the car, and despite her vow to stay away from him her heart led her inside. Lucky closed the door after her and walked away. He felt a rush doing a "job" for Sonny Corinthos. Sure it was hardly dangerous or intriguing, but he liked it none-the-less.

Emily stared at Sonny. He was dressed in a dark suit and dark shit with no tie. His black eyes pierced the dim light inside the car. "You must have had help getting dressed," Emily said quietly. "One of my men," Sonny told her, lest she was thinking another woman had come around. "I knew that," Emily replied with a smile; appreciating him trying to reassure her. "Do you have it?" Sonny asked getting right down to business. "Yes," Emily replied. Sonny's eyes trailed down to her breasts. "Has it been safely tucked in there all day?" "If you're asking if I looked at it, I didn't," Emily snapped; offended he would think she couldn't respect his privacy. "That wasn't what I said," Sonny retorted; "or what I meant." Emily felt badly. "Sorry. What did you mean?" "I meant that I was jealous of that little piece of paper--to be held so closely to your beautiful body like that--" Emily felt herself swooning; the ache building between her legs. Resisting him was going to be a futile effort. "If you have no objection," Sonny continued; "I'm going to retrieve it now." Emily couldn't speak, and had no intention of objecting anyway. Sonny reached his hand over and trailed the back of it down her neck. When he got near her breasts, he tucked away all but two fingers and let those continue into her cleavage which was easily accessible in her v-neck shirt. His fingers lingered after grasping the rolled up paper, and Emily arched her back to decrease the space between them. Sonny didn't miss the subtle movement of her body, and took it accurately as a sign that she wanted him. He pulled his hand and the paper out and away and put his other hand on the back of her head. "Come 'ere," he groaned.

Chapter 14

Sonny held Emily close as he kissed her. His mouth was so strong, so commanding, and yet so gentle. His lips were as active as his tongue. Emily loved how he kissed. She knew in her heart that she would endure anything to be with him--as long as he was willing to take the risk. She broke the connection for a moment. "Take me home Sonny," she said breathlessly. "You are home aren't you?" Sonny joked knowing she didn't mean she wanted to go back into Kelly's. "How'd you know I was staying here now? Oh wait, don't tell me--you know what you need to know." Sonny smiled. "That's right--Lucky told me." "He's your little co-conspirator now isn't he?" Emily teased. "When it comes to you, yeah. I wouldn't involve him in my business though. I wouldn't involve you either. What happened today won't happen again." "I don't care Sonny," Emily said with a sigh. "I don't care about your business, or your dangerous life. But the problem seems to be my dangerous life not yours. My grandfather told me he'd make sure you ended up in prison or worse if I kept seeing you." Sonny nodded his head. "If we're going to be together--we are going to be together, right?" Emily smiled while staring into his eyes. Sonny finished his thought; "if we're going to be together we have to figure out a way to back your grandfather off."

"Oh! What happened with Taggart today? Did he arrest you?" "No. He took some papers from my place and promised he'd be back to arrest me after he went through the stuff. He's convinced he'll find something on me sooner or later." "Will he?" Emily nervously asked. "Thanks to you, no," Sonny replied with a grin; his dimples popping. Emily leaned in and kissed him again. "So back to what I was saying--take me home--your home--to your bed--" Sonny groaned against her mouth. "Not a good idea baby. I'm not exactly in the best shape here." Emily glanced down at his mid-section. "Does it really hurt?" "Only when I breathe," Sonny retorted. Emily looked down a bit further and could see he was aroused. Then she moved her eyes back to his. "What if you just lie there and I take care of you. Would that work?" Sonny ran his tongue over his lower lip. "Take care of me how?" Emily was embarrassed but told him. "I want to suck you." Sonny thought he'd explode in his pants. He rolled down his window and shouted out to his driver who'd been discretely waiting near the car. "Let's go!"

Although moving quickly was difficult, Sonny got Emily naked and in his bed as soon as he could. She immediately scooted down and took his throbbing member in her hand. "Mmmmm," she moaned and lowered her head. She could only fit the first few inches comfortably in her mouth. "This is going to be harder than I thought," she silently mused. She'd only given a blow job once before, to a boy in High School, and his cock didn't look anything like Sonny's. "Take your time," Sonny told her. Emily tried to relax her mouth, and was able to take another inch in. "Unh, yeah that's it," Sony groaned.

He let her suck on him for a short while, and then told her to bring her fine ass up to his face. "Huh?" Emily asked, sitting up and releasing his cock from her mouth. "Get on top of me facing that way. Then you can still suck me and I can lick your hot little pussy like I've dying to do." Emily felt the wetness trickling down her inner thigh; and he hadn't even touched her yet. She did as he said--being careful to support her weight on her knees and not his ribs--and then squealed as he grabbed her ass with both hands. "Get back to it," Sonny ordered. Emily laughed and lowered her head again. She went at it with gusto. Feeling Sonny's tongue on her pussy made her even more determined to make him cum in her mouth. But it was hard concentrating on what she was doing; Sonny was a master at what he was doing. Emily's whole body started shaking as he licked her with long, firm strokes. When he put two fingers inside of her, her mind immediately went back to the warehouse and the night everything began for them. She moaned at the memory and the feeling. Sonny stopped licking her briefly to tell her to stroke him with her hand. She did; her tongue playing at the top of his cock. Sonny licked her even harder and Emily went flying over the edge. "Mmmmmm!" she cried, her mouth still full with him. Sonny licked her down from the orgasm and then moved his head away to watch her; his fingers still nestled inside her. "Do you want to make me cum?" he growled. Emily nodded her head as best she could. "Suck it harder," Sonny ordered. Emily tried to concentrate and increased her suction and her hand movement. "Unh, that's it," Sonny groaned. "I'm almost there--" And then he exploded in her mouth. "Unhhhhhhh!!"

Later, Emily lay in Sonny's arms. They were both totally satiated--for the time being. "I want to be inside you so bad," Sonny told her; "but that'll have to wait until I heal." Emily sighed and snuggled against his chest. "Well if this is what the preliminaries are like with you, I can't wait for the real thing." "That was the real thing," Sonny corrected her with a grin; "just not all of it." "Right. We'll have plenty of time to do all of it, when you're feeling better that is." Sonny got serious. "We're not going to have any time if we don't handle Edward." Emily sat up and looked at him. "Handle, how?" As much as she hated her grandfather and what he was doing, she didn't want Sonny to kill him. "Don't worry," he replied, "I won't physically hurt him." "What about that cop?" "Him I'd like to kill," Sonny answered truthfully; "but that's trouble I don't need." Emily was happy to hear it. "I need to prove he's on Eddie's payroll," Sonny said; "then I'd have them both." "'I'?" Emily questioned; "don't you mean 'we'?" Sonny looked at her. "Yeah 'we'. But I don't want you involved in this." "I'm already involved Sonny. I'm the reason why all this is happening to you. So I need to help fix it." Sonny thought it over for a while. Then, he got an idea. "Maybe you can help. In fact, maybe you're the key to this whole thing."

Chapter 15

Lucky Spencer was excited when he got another call from Sonny Corinthos. This time he was summoned over to Sonny's apartment. When he got there he found Emily as well, and it was evident she'd spent the night. "Hey Lucky," she greeted him cheerfully. "Hey Em; Sonny." "Thanks for coming Lucky. I've got an important job for you--if you're up for it." "S--sure!" Lucky stammered; his heart racing. "I'll get you guys some coffee," Emily offered and headed into the kitchen where she'd earlier made a pot. "Emily's grandfather is a real problem," Sonny began. Lucky nodded his head. "He needs to be dealt with," Sonny added. Lucky's mouth went dry. "Uh--dealt with how?" he nervously asked. Sonny stared at him for a moment, letting Lucky's mind go where it was already heading.

Emily returned with two mugs of coffee. "Sonny, cut that out! You're scaring him!" Sonny laughed which caused his ribs to hurt. Then he got serious again. "Sorry man. It's not what you think." Lucky relaxed a bit. What he thought was that Sonny was going to whack Edward Quartermaine and wanted his help to do it. "Eddie is determined to keep me and Emily apart," Sonny said. "We're determined to stop him." "OK," Lucky replied waiting for the rest. "And to do that we need your help." "OK." "You and I need to become a couple," Emily chimed in. Lucky's eyes got wide, and he looked from Emily back to Sonny. "Wh--what?" "Relax; it's just pretend," Sonny told him. "And only one person needs to be convinced; Detective Marcus Taggart."

Sonny & Emily filled Lucky in on the rest of their plan to set up Taggart. "So you need to make sure Elizabeth knows before we do this," Emily said; "I don't want her getting the wrong idea." "Right, I'll do that," Lucky agreed and got up to leave. Sonny stopped him. "Lucky." Lucky turned back to face him. "Let's keep the physical contact to a minimum, OK? No kissing." Lucky swallowed hard. He considered himself a smart guy; certainly way too smart to kiss Sonny Corinthos' woman. "Of course Sonny," he replied looking the man in the eyes; "no kissing." After he left Emily chided Sonny for scaring Lucky again. "You don't have to worry about him," she said. Sonny took her in his arms. "Oh yeah? Then who do I have to worry about?" "No one!" Emily exclaimed. Sonny smiled, "I'm just teasing you baby. But seriously," his smile faded, "if I ever caught another man kissing you--I'd rip his lips off. And that would just be for starters."

Everything was in place for that night. Lucky had filled Elizabeth in and she was OK with everything but agreed with Sonny that Lucky had better not kiss Emily. Sonny dropped Emily off near Kelly's, kissing the hell out of her before she got out of the car. "Sonny! I can't concentrate if you do that!" "I'll be listening in on everything," he told her after again checking the wire hidden under her shirt; "so if anything goes wrong, I'll be right there." Emily nodded her head. "And," Sonny added, "if Lucky gets out of line--I'll hear that too." Emily rolled her eyes at him. "Get going princess," Sonny said, and patted her butt as she got out of the car. Emily got momentarily distracted by the feeling of his hand on her ass, but then put her mind back to the important mission. She walked over to Kelly's and around to the side alley where she found Lucky waiting for her.

Once she'd gone, Sonny made a call. "Are we set?" "He'll be there?" "Good." One of his men had called Taggart and said he had important information about Sonny Corinthos. Taggart of course agreed to meet the man. The man, of course, would never show. When Taggart entered the alley next to Kelly's diner, he saw two people holding each other in the shadows. Wondering if one was his informant, he walked closer. Emily Quartermaine and Lucky Spencer quickly backed away from each other and looked at him. "What do we have here?" Taggart asked going even closer. "Detective Taggart," Emily addressed him. "Please--you can't tell anyone you saw us together!" "Yeah," Lucky chimed in; "especially not Sonny Corinthos!"

Chapter 16

"Of course I won't tell Corinthos," Taggart told them. He looked at Emily; "I'm just happy you've moved on from him so quickly." "I have to go," Lucky said looking at Taggart as if he was waiting for permission. "Go ahead," Taggart replied; "I'd like a word with Ms. Quartermaine if that's OK with her." Emily told him it was OK, and Lucky said goodnight and left.

"Is Corinthos leaving you alone?" Taggart asked her. "So far," Emily replied; "why do you ask?" "Because he's a dangerous guy; and he's got a history of treating woman badly," Taggart informed her. Sonny's blood started to boil as he listened from the backseat of his sedan. He knew exactly what Taggart was going to say next but didn't know what Emily's reaction would be. "What do you mean?" Emily asked. "When he was younger he used to beat up his mother," Taggart said; "his own mother!" Emily's heart was pounding. She didn't believe it for a second, but knew Sonny was hearing every word Taggart said. She also knew she was going to have to play along. She prayed Sonny would understand what she was doing. "Oh my god!" she cried. "That's horrible! Wow, I got away from him just in time I guess." Taggart nodded his head, "yeah you did. You let me know if he contacts you again, OK?" Emily sprung the trap. "Are you still working for my grandfather, or are you asking as a cop?" Taggart smiled, "both. As a cop, I'm always on the lookout for a way to get that scum off the streets. And your grandfather is paying me a lot of money to make sure you stay safe; even if it means taking Corinthos down." "I feel safer knowing that," Emily coyly replied. Back in the car Sonny declared, "I got you, you bastard!" He then said, "OK Em walk away now," hoping she'd hear him via telepathy. "Thanks again detective," Emily cheerfully said as she walked away.

She hurried down the street. Soon, a dark car pulled up beside her and stopped. Emily opened the door and jumped inside. The car sped off. "We did it!" Emily cheered, launching herself at Sonny for a kiss. "Whoa, whoa, easy!" Sonny said, reacting quickly enough to keep her from hitting his broken ribs. "Sorry! I forgot!" Emily sat next to him and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. "We got 'em baby," Sonny informed her. "Did I do OK?" Emily asked. "Perfect," Sonny said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. Emily studied his face. "You know I was just playing him, right? I didn't believe what he said Sonny." "You didn't? Why not?" "Because while I know you're a dangerous guy, I've never for one second felt threatened by you. No way did you hurt your mother." Sonny gave her a sad smile. "Thanks for believing me over him. That means more than I can say." "Can you tell me what went on? Why he thinks that way about you?" Sonny sighed. "Yeah, let's go home and I'll tell you everything." "Home? Kelly's is back there," Emily teased, pointing behind them. Sonny stared at her, "my home--which I'm hoping is about to become our home."

Lucky & Elizabeth snuggled on the sofa in the Spencer's living room as Lucky filled Elizabeth in on the night's events. "Did you kiss her?" Elizabeth asked, only half-joking. "No!" Lucky quickly replied. "Why because Sonny would have killed you?" While that was partly true, Lucky said, "no, because I love you, and you're the only woman I want to kiss!" Elizabeth beamed, "good answer!" "I have to admit though, it was really exciting doing a job for Sonny," Lucky added. Neither of them saw that his father had just come down the stairs.

Sonny & Emily were snuggled on his sofa as well. He had just finished telling her about his history with Taggart and his childhood in Brooklyn. "Do you still want me to move in here?" Emily asked. "I said I did, right? I don't say things I don't mean," Sonny replied, stroking her hair. "Besides," he continued, "you already said 'yes' in the car. No backing out now." Emily smiled, "why would I want to do that?" She leaned in for a kiss, which he gave her. Then she asked, "can we do it again?" "It?" "What we did before." Sonny grinned, "you mean 69?" "69?" "You know, the six goes like this and the nine--" Sonny tried to demonstrate with his hands. "Oh that! I knew what you meant," Emily tried to cover for her inexperience, but her face had turned bright red. Sonny laughed at her embarrassment, which he immediately regretted. He put a hand on his ribs. "Ooh sorry," Emily apologized. "I guess there'd be no point in asking if you feel well enough to make love to me?" Sonny's eyes got dark. "Unfortunately no. But I'm warning you woman--when I am well enough you're not getting out of that bed for days." Emily shuddered--in a good way--at the thought. "But for now--" "69 it is!" she cheerfully finished his sentence. Sonny slowly got up from the couch and Emily stood as well. They turned to head into the bedroom but were stopped in their tracks by a pounding on the door which they'd had the foresight to lock. "Not again," Sonny thought; knowing that Taggart would continue to be an issue until he was neutralized with the tape Emily made. "Open the door Corinthos!" Luke Spencer bellowed from the hallway. "Open up so I can kill you!"

Chapter 17

Emily looked anxiously at Sonny who seemed more confused than concerned. Sonny walked over to the door and unlocked it. His friend stood fuming in the hallway. "Whatever it is Spencer--I didn't do it," Sonny told him. Luke pushed past him and into the apartment. Seeing Emily there forced him to calm down a bit. He challenged Sonny; "are you going to stand there and tell me that you didn't hire my kid to do a job for you--without even consulting me first?" Sonny was still confused. "Wha--hired Lucky? I never hired him--" Emily cut him off. "Uh I think maybe Luke is referring to Lucky helping us out tonight." Luke looked at her; "us?" He realized he was mistaken in thinking Sonny sent Lucky on a mob assignment. "Yeah us; me mostly." Luke looked sheepishly back at Sonny. "Sorry pal. I just heard him telling Elizabeth he did a job for you and I assumed--" Sonny smiled, "yeah well you know what they say about doing that. Sit down, and we'll tell you what happened."

After Sonny finished telling Luke how they got Taggart on tape admitting he was on Edward Q's payroll, Luke changed the subject. "So, does the fact I threatened to kill you mean I shouldn't bring up an idea I had for a new project?" Sonny smiled and shook his head. "Maybe I should say goodnight?" Emily offered. "No this is on the up and up," Luke said. "I mean, go to bed if you want to--" "Well, I did want to but--" Emily replied staring at Sonny. Luke got the message loud and clear. "I'll make this quick. Are you planning on re-opening downstairs?" he asked Sonny. "Definitely not," Sonny replied. No way was he going to run a strip club now that he was with Emily. "Great. Then will you sell a percentage of the club to me and be my partner?" "I don't really want it open at all Luke," Sonny told him. "Emily's moving in here; I don't want her living above a strip club." Emily's insides turned mushy at his obvious feelings for her. She had to stop herself from jumping him.

"No--no--not a strip club," Luke explained; "a blues club!" "Blues?" Sonny & Emily asked in unison. Luke beamed, "yeah--live music, the whole shebang! And I'll call it 'Luke's'!" "Why not 'Sonny's?'" Sonny asked seriously. Luke stared at him. "Do you really want your name plastered on a neon sign so every law enforcement yahoo in the country knows where to find you?" "Good point," Sonny retorted; "'Luke's' it is." "So, is that a 'yes'? You'll partner up with me on this thing?" "That's a 'yes,'" Sonny said. "But first, you need to help me clean up some unfinished business."

Later, Sonny & Emily were lying naked in bed together. "Are you sure you didn't want to do that thing with Luke tonight?" Emily asked, hoping he'd say he was sure. "I'm sure. Tomorrow night's fine. Besides you and I have some unfinished business of our own woman." Emily was happy they were finally getting around to that business. She started to turn around and climb on top of Sonny; to play the '6' to his '9,' but he stopped her. "Come 'ere first," he growled. She straddled his chest, being careful about his ribs, and leaned down to kiss him. "You're really important to me you know?" Sonny asked in a soft voice. Emily's eyes filled with tears of joy. "I know. And I love you too Sonny." He put his hands on her face and guided her down for a deep kiss. "Mmmm," Emily moaned against his lips. When he released her she said, "I hope your ribs heal quickly. I want to feel you inside of me more than I've ever wanted anything in my life." "Not more than I want it believe me," Sonny groaned in reply. "I'm going to make you cum a dozen times--and that's only the first night we're together," he warned. Emily bit her lower lip. Her mind went back to Elizabeth telling her that Sonny was too much for her to handle. "Oh well," she thought; "at least I'll go with a smile on my face!"

Chapter 18

Edward Quartermaine didn't find anything suspicious in Luke Spencer phoning and asking to have a business meeting. Several times over the years Luke had gone to Edward for financing on his latest get-rich-quick scheme. Most times Edward told him "thanks, but no thanks," but he figured it never hurt to listen to the proposal. He did think it a bit odd that Luke wanted to meet at night on a secluded area of the docks, but he went none-the-less. "OK Spencer make this quick!" Edward ordered as he approached Luke. "It'll take as long as it takes Eddie," another voice said. Edward was shocked to see Sonny Corinthos emerge from the shadows.

"You? What do you--is this a setup?" Edward asked looking from Sonny back to Luke. "You could say that," Luke retorted. "Now do yourself a favor, shut up and listen to the man." Edward did shut up and listen. He had a sinking feeling in his gut that he was in big trouble. Sonny took a tape player from his pocket and hit a button. Edward listened intently as Detective Marcus Taggart confessed to Emily that he was on the take--from Edward himself. Sonny turned the tape off. "What do you want Corinthos?" Edward asked with as much bravado as he could muster under the circumstances. "It's very simple Eddie," Sonny replied. "I want you to leave me & Emily alone. Don't ever try to interfere in our relationship again. And that means your whole family--you'd all better be nice to her." Edward thought he was getting off easy with that demand but knew there must be more. "And?" he asked. "And get Taggart out of Port Charles and off my back. I don't care how you do it; what strings you pull; what favors you call in. I just want him gone." Edward pondered how he was going to accomplish that. "Do what he wants Edward," Luke chimed in; "or that tape is going to take both you and Taggart down." "I'll do what he wants," Edward replied.

Emily was at Sonny's apartment, now her apartment as well, trying to study. She was worried about the plan and wasn't sure that her grandfather would cooperate. She also found it hard to concentrate because she was having doubts about her future career. It was just understood that she would follow in Monica & Alan's footsteps and become a doctor, and Emily never questioned it. Medicine seemed like a good field to her. But now she wasn't sure. Other things were more interesting to her, like the prospect of Luke & Sonny opening a blues club. She thought it would be fun and exciting to help get that going. And she'd gotten used to having excitement in her life, thanks to Sonny. Medical school just seemed so--straight to her now.

The door opened and Sonny came in. "Sonny!" She got up and hurried over to him. "Hey baby," he said with a smile, kissing her hello. Emily studied his face. "You seem happy, did it work?" Sonny grinned, "like a charm. We're free and clear princess!" Emily smiled but corrected him. "I'm not a princess anymore. My family disowned me remember?" "Well, I think they'd welcome you back with open arms now," Sonny replied; "not that you're going back." "They would? Because you forced them to, right? That's not exactly the same as them realizing they were wrong." "I know and I'm sorry about that. But the up side is they won't bother us anymore. There's nothing to prevent us from being together now." "What about Taggart?" Emily questioned. "He won't be a problem either," Sonny said in a serious voice. Emily shuddered a bit, wondering exactly how Sonny was ensuring Taggart wouldn't be a problem. But she didn't ask him; she trusted that he would handle the situation the best way he could.

"So I wanted to talk to you about something else," Emily said leading Sonny over to the sofa. They both sat down. "Shoot," Sonny said. "I've been thinking about not going to medical school," Emily began. "If this is about money Em, don't even think about that. It'll be paid for, either by me or the Qs." Emily shook her head. "No, it's not about money. It's about me. I'm not sure I want to be a doctor anymore. I'm not sure that's ever what I wanted. I just never stopped to think about what I wanted. It was what my parents wanted, so I just went along." "What makes you think you don't want it now?" Sonny asked. "You," Emily truthfully replied. Sonny felt badly. "I never meant to--" "No! I don't mean you did anything. Well, you did. You made me see that there was a whole world of experiences out there that I would never know. And now that I've had a taste, I want more."

"Emily--I know some of this stuff can seem glamorous and exciting, but believe me, my world is full of dark, dark shit. There's a lot of danger; a lot of pain." "I know that Sonny. And I don't mean I want to be a part of everything you deal with. I don't like violence and I don't like worrying about you." "That's what my life's about Emily. Maybe we shouldn't be together after all," Sonny said in a sad voice. "I'm not giving you up Sonny Corinthos, so put that idea out of your head right now!" Emily defiantly declared. Sonny smiled at her conviction. "OK, so what exactly are you telling me?" Sonny asked. "I'm going to finish up the semester and graduate," Emily stated; "and then I'm going to take some time to figure out what I really want." "Sounds fair," Sonny replied. "And during that time, I was hoping I could help you & Luke start the blues club." Sonny looked at her with narrowed eyes. "What do you know about running a club?" "Not a thing, but I can learn can't I? I just think it'll be so much fun!" Emily beamed with enthusiasm and Sonny found it impossible to disappoint her. "Sure, sounds great baby. Whatever you want." "Thank you!" Emily squealed hugging him. "So--speaking of 'whatever I want,' how are those ribs of yours feeling?" Sonny chuckled. "I think I'm almost there. Let's set a date, one week from tonight. You'd better rest up Emily." Emily bit her lower lip and then leaned back in to kiss him. "I'll be counting the minutes Sonny," she breathlessly confessed against his mouth.

Chapter 19

Exactly a week later, Emily was sitting at a table in the former Paradise Lounge strip club looking at fabric samples. Luke had agreed to her helping him get the new blues club up and running. Not that he had a choice; Sonny made it a condition of the financing he was bringing to the project. Emily put the swatches down and looked around the room. She wished the walls could talk and relay their tales from the past. It was hard to envision Sonny working the room and talking to customers. She also wondered how many of the dancers Sonny had been intimate with. It made her a bit sad that he had no doubt been with many women before her. But it also reminded her what day it was. "Tonight, you really make me yours Sonny," she whispered. She was excited and afraid at the same time. Above all else, she didn't want to disappoint Sonny in bed.

"How's it going Emily?" Luke's voice shook her from her thoughts. "Fine. I've narrowed down the fabrics for the chairs. You can make the final choice." Luke walked over and looked at what she picked out. "You've got a good eye; I like them all," he said; "you choose." "Are--are you sure?" Emily asked, nervous to be making her first big decision about the club. "I'm sure," Luke told her with a smile. "So where's your lesser half?" he asked jokingly. Emily smiled at him, "if you mean Sonny he'll be here soon. We have big plans tonight." "Oh, going somewhere fun?" Emily blushed; "not exactly." Luke laughed, "say no more!"

Sonny came down the stairs from the apartment and heard them laughing. "Hey, no having fun without me," he quipped as he joined them. "Emily was just telling me you have big, secret plans for tonight," Luke told him with a wink. Sonny smiled at him and then looked at Emily. "We sure do. We have some celebrating to do." Emily was confused. It didn't sound like he was talking about them making love. "Cel--celebrating what?" she haltingly asked. "Taggart was transferred to Montana of all places. Can you even imagine?" Sonny told them, erupting into laughter. Luke joined in and laughed as well. "That's priceless man! Eddie Q did that for you?" "I think he wanted to take out his anger at me besting him on someone--Taggart was the fall guy." "He can't be too happy about that," Luke mused. Emily sat quietly listening to them. She was happy Taggart was gone from Port Charles, but was stunned that Sonny didn't seem to remember the plans they'd made for that night. "Em, come upstairs with me," Sonny told her; "I have a celebration dinner prepared." Emily got up to go with him, her sadness showing on her face. "Aw come on," Sonny teased; "you like my cooking!"

Emily didn't respond or say a word as they went up the stairs. She was trying not to cry, but her heart was aching with disappointment. Sonny opened the door to the apartment and they went inside. There she found a beautifully-set table, complete with vases of pink roses and many glowing candles. "It--it's wonderful Sonny," she reacted honestly. She looked at him. "I'm glad things worked out so well and that we can celebrate Taggart being gone."

Sonny felt badly about deceiving her and revealed the real purpose of the "celebration" dinner by taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom. There were many more candles, and pink roses, and their bed freshly made up with sumptuous blue stain sheets. Now totally confused, she looked at Sonny. "I was just teasing about celebrating the Taggart thing," Sonny told her. "Tonight is all about you and me finally making love. I've wanted this from the moment I first saw you in Kelly's. I've wanted this so much." Emily couldn't help but cry. "I--I thought you'd forgotten; or changed your mind!" Sonny narrowed his eyes. "Forgot? I'd have to be dead to forget this! And I'll never change my mind about you baby--never." "Oh Sonny," Emily swooned into his arms.

Chapter 20

As they kissed Emily started unbuttoning Sonny's shirt. She couldn't wait to get her hands on his caramel skin; it was always so smooth and so hot. Sonny pulled away from her slightly. "What about dinner?" Emily licked her lips and continued undressing him. "I'm sure the meal you made is wonderful. Can we reheat it later?" Sonny chuckled. "I like how your mind works baby. The food can wait." He started undressing her as well. "Ooh wait!" Emily stopped him. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I just remembered I bought something special for tonight. I'll be right back!" She ran off to the bathroom where she'd stashed her purchase earlier in the day. Sonny continued taking his own clothes off, and was soon standing in only his black boxer-briefs. He rubbed a hand over his throbbing erection. "Finally I'm going to have her," he thought. In the bathroom Emily studied her reflection in the mirror, nervously playing with her hair. She hoped Sonny liked her outfit. "Hurry up woman!" Sonny yelled from the bedroom. Emily bit her lower lip. "Here we go," she told herself.

She emerged from the bathroom, backlit by its light. Sonny's breath caught in his throat as he took in the vision. She was wearing a teddy that barely covered the top of her thighs. It was light blue and semi-transparent, and thanks to the bathroom light he could see every delicious inch of her underneath. He could also see that she wore no panties. Emily turned back and shut the light off, leaving only the candles to illuminate the scene. Then she faced Sonny again, who was now standing directly in front of her. "Do you like it?" she asked quietly. "Oh yeah," Sonny replied. "I like it a lot. But I like what's underneath it a lot more." He roughly pulled Emily to him and devoured her mouth. "Mmmmm," Emily moaned.

"Come 'ere," Sonny ordered, leading her over to the wall. "Turn around." She did as he said. "Put your hands against the wall and bend forward," he told her. She did that as well, wondering if he was going to take her like that. As if reading her mind Sonny asked, "remember what I told you? That I was going to make you cum a dozen times?" Emily nodded her head, her heart racing and the wetness pooling up between her legs. "Well before I put you on that bed and enter you for the first time, I need to make some headway into those dozen orgasms." Emily smiled. She didn't know what he had planned but knew she'd like it. She braced herself on the wall and spread her legs slightly. "Is this OK?" she coyly asked looking back at him. Sonny stood directly behind her and ran his hands up her thighs. He pushed up her teddy revealing her naked ass. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," he replied. He then sidled up behind; grinding his almost painful erection against her. Reaching around, he caressed her breasts with one hand while the other put pressure on her stomach to hold her tightly to him. "Kiss me Sonny," Emily breathlessly requested, her head still turned sideways. He did as she asked, and explored her mouth with his tongue.

Soon the hand that was on her stomach moved down in between her legs. His fingers found her wet folds and started rubbing her in a firm, circular motion. Emily's legs started to shake. "Uh yeah Sonny--make me cum," she moaned. Still grinding his pelvis against her ass, Sonny expertly stroked her pussy and her clit and Emily soon felt the pressure building to a head. "Let it go for me baby," Sonny whispered in her ear, punctuating his latest order by nibbling her earlobe. "Ooh--uh--uh--Sonny!" Emily careened over the edge. Sonny let two of his fingers sink into her. His thumb lightly caressed her clit and he could feel her body shudder with every movement. "Ride it out baby," he whispered; "enjoy it." Emily leaned her head back and smiled. "Oh I am!" Sonny played with her pussy for a while longer, loving how soft, warm, and wet it felt on his fingers. Then he asked her, "are you ready for number two?"

Chapter 21

Emily walked on shaky legs to the bed where Sonny instructed her to sit up near the headboard. He piled pillows behind her, and once confident she was comfortable, climbed on the bed in front of her. He spread her legs open with his hands and studied her. "I do like that teddy," he growled staring at her nipples which were straining against the thin material. Emily ran her hands down and rubbed them as he watched. "You're a bad girl," Sonny teased. Emily bit her lower lip and then moved one hand down to her pussy. She stroked it lightly as Sonny's eyes got really wide. "You're a bad, bad girl!" he exclaimed.

"Maybe you need to punish me?" Emily asked, feigning innocence. Sonny's mouth went dry. "Oh I'm going to punish you," he growled. "You're going to be begging me for mercy before I'm done with you. You're not going to be able to walk right tomorrow." Emily got a bit nervous. She already wondered if she could handle everything Sonny was going to dish out; was she nuts to provoke him? "Put your hands on the headboard behind you," he commanded. Emily reached back above her head and grabbed hold. Sonny moved her legs up so that her feet were flat on the bed and her knees bent. Then he pushed her legs open as wide as they'd go. Emily felt totally vulnerable before him. Sonny took two fingers and put them on her mouth. Emily opened her lips and sucked them in. "Get them wet for me," Sonny said in a strained voice. Emily sucked and licked his fingers with gusto, knowing they were going to be in her pussy next.

And that's exactly where Sonny put them. Emily shook, but kept her grip on the headboard. Sonny moved them in and out slowly, staring into Emily's eyes the whole time. He loved seeing them spark with each jolt of pleasure. "You like that, don't you?" "Yes I love it Sonny," Emily replied. "It's what you did to me that first night, remember?" "Oh yeah, I remember." His fingers moved a bit faster now. "I thought you were so beautiful," he confessed, "but also such a bad girl following me like you did." "Was that a punishment?" Emily teased; "cause it didn't feel like one." Sonny grinned. "Well I couldn't spank your hot little ass because I was trying to be quiet." Emily's face turned bright red.

"You wouldn't have!" Sonny stared at her and replied, "I wouldn't? OK, if you say so," leaving Emily wondering what he really wanted to do to her that night. "Then again," Sonny continued, his fingers working up to a frenzied pace; "you weren't exactly quiet when I did this to you either." Proving his point Emily moaned loudly. "Uhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going to cum!" Sonny drove her over the edge, feeling her pussy walls grabbing at his fingers. "Ooooh!" "Yeah--that's it--good girl." Emily slumped down, finally letting go of the head board and moving her arms forward to grab onto his bulging triceps. "Please, Sonny--I need a break!" Sonny removed his fingers and put them in his mouth to lick the taste off her. "Aw I'm sorry baby, but I'm afraid I can't help you there." He got on his knees and dove down in between her legs.

Chapter 22

Emily grabbed onto Sonny's hair as he ate her. Despite requesting a reprieve, she had to admit his mouth felt incredibly good. She hoped he'd just stick to licking her and give the inside of her pussy a rest. She knew when he finally put his cock in her it would be a lot more challenging to take than his fingers were. Sonny alternated licking her swollen lips and sucking on her engorged clit. Emily's whole body shook; every nerve in her body felt alive. She couldn't help but push his head down to get more pressure; she felt like she could cum again at any moment. Sonny felt a rush of pride at how her body was reacting to him, and didn't mind that it felt like her fingers would pull his hair out. He focused on her clit and Emily started moaning and rocking against his face. "Uh that feels so good--do it harder--I'm gonna cum--oh my god you're so good!" Sonny let up on her at exactly the right moment, allowing her to control the intensity and length of the orgasm. She ground her pelvis against his mouth, trying to milk it for as long as possible.

Finally, Sonny sat up and licked her taste off his mouth. "Three down--nine to go," he warned. Emily looked at him through eyes narrowed by exhaustion and pleasure. "Can we negotiate this?" she begged. Sonny laughed. "Sure, what'd you have in mind?" "Let's take a dinner break and then go for three more tonight." "And the rest?" Sonny asked in a voice that told her he wasn't about to forget the rest. "We'll spread the rest out--one a day," Emily hopefully suggested. Sonny shook his head, "nope. Two a day. Because I intended to make love to you in the morning--and then we can wait until tomorrow night for the second." Emily knew that was the best deal she'd get from him so she agreed. "You haven't even had this inside you yet," Sonny told her, taking her hand and putting it on top of his underwear and on his huge bulge. "You might want it six more times tonight." Emily rolled her eyes at him. "You don't lack confidence that's for sure!" Sonny shrugged, "I just know what I've got and how to use it. Nothing wrong with that." Emily rubbed his cock through his underwear. "Oh I know what you've got too believe me. And I want it inside of me. I just also know that it's so big I couldn't handle it too many times in a row--that's all." Sonny leaned forward and kissed her. "You know I'm just playing with you right? We won't do anything you don't want baby." Emily smiled, "I know. Just like you were playing when you said you thought about spanking me that first night." Sonny just stared into her eyes--and smiled.

Sonny heated up their dinner and they ate it energetically, both ravenous from the previous activities. Then Emily shocked him with a confession. "I probably should have told you this sooner, but--I've never done this before." Sonny looked up from his food. "Done what?" "Made love." "Huh?" "I'm--I'm a virgin Sonny." Sonny dropped his fork. "Say what? You're a--you've never--why didn't you tell me?!" he yelled. "Sorry!" Emily yelled back. "I thought you could figure it out!" "How was I going to do that with you badgering me to do it every day when my ribs were healing? Jesus Em--you don't act like a virgin." Emily got offended. "What's that supposed to mean? You think I act like a slut or something?" Sonny shook his head, "that's not what I said, or what I meant. I meant that you never acted hesitant. Giving your virginity to someone is a big deal." "I'm not giving it to someone," Emily replied; "I'm giving it to you." That seemed to calm Sonny down and he resumed eating his dinner. He couldn't believe she hadn't told him, and he wondered if he'd been too aggressive with her.

"Are you nervous about losing your virginity?" Sonny asked. Emily shook her head, "no. Because I know you're the right man for me. And because I want that cock of yours really bad." Sonny almost choked on his food. "Like I said, you're a bad, bad girl. If Port Charles society only knew." Then he paused and asked, "do you miss it? That life I mean?" Emily reached over and took his hand. "Not for a second. Now, hurry up and finish your meal."

Chapter 23

As they lay naked facing each other on the bed, Sonny stared into Emily's eyes, his hand softly stroking her pussy. He felt honored she was about to give him such a precious gift--her virginity. "Are you sure about this," he asked her for about the tenth time. "Yes Sonny I'm sure," Emily answered patiently, although she was tired of trying to reassure him. Sonny kissed her and then moved on top of her. Emily opened her legs up and arched her back. She was very excited the moment had finally arrived. "It'll hurt for a minute," Sonny told her. "Just relax and let me bring you through it." Emily bit her lower lip and nodded her head. Sonny took hold of himself and stroked a few times, and then guided the tip into her.

As the first couple of inches went in Emily moaned with delight. "Ooh--that feels good!" Sonny smiled and sank down a bit more on top of her. Another inch disappeared inside of her. "Are you all the way in?" Emily asked; her inexperience clearly evident now. "Not even close baby," Sonny explained. "Only about a third of the way; your hymen's about to stop me." "This is the part that hurts, right?" Emily was nervous. "Not too much," Sonny replied. "You'll feel it for a minute, and then--" and then he thrust into her hard. He was hoping if he caught her by surprise it would hurt less. "Ow!" Emily cried. Sonny held still inside of her. "OK, just relax." Emily tried to do as he said. Sonny put his full length into her. "Oh my god, I feel so full!" Emily exclaimed, forgetting about the pain already. Sonny started moving slowly back and forth. "Feel better?" he asked. Emily moved her legs up to wrap them around his waist and grabbed his ass with her hands. "Ooh--it feels better than I imagined!" Sonny kept moving slowly letting her get used to his size, but he could feel that her body was already tensing up. He was thrilled, to say the least, that his woman could be brought to orgasm so easily.

"Can you do it harder?" Emily breathlessly asked. Sonny smiled and kissed her again. "Baby I can do it as hard as you can handle." He thrust into her forcefully. "Can you handle that?" he grunted. Emily cried out in pleasure. "Yes!" He thrust hard again. "And that?" "Oh god--yes--please--faster--more!" Sonny increased both the speed and force of his movements. "Oh shit Em--you feel so damn good--so tight--so hot--" He was having a hard time not exploding inside of her, but was determined that she cum before he did. "Sonny--I'm--I'm--ooh!" Emily orgasmed violently, digging her fingers into his ass. Sonny thrust one more time and released, filling her up with his cum. "Unh--damn!" he cried.

He collapsed on top of her. Emily wrapped her arms around his back holding him closely to her. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her. Her pussy was throbbing as well, and there was still a slight ache where he'd broken through her barrier. They lay still for awhile listening to each others' heavy breathing and rapid heartbeats. "I never want you out of me," she whispered. Sonny smiled against the side of her face and replied, "see I told you once you had me inside of you, you'd want it over and over again." "Shut up before I spank your hot little ass," Emily teased in response. Sonny groaned. "I wasn't lying about that baby and I hope you aren't either. Go ahead, do it."

Chapter 24

Emily ignored Sonny telling her to spank him and instead started squirming beneath him. "If I'm not mistaken you owe me two more orgasms tonight," she stated. Sonny lifted himself up slightly to look in her eyes. "You think I've forgotten? Not a chance!" He gave her a dimpled grin; "so--no spanking?" Emily laughed and playfully slapped his ass. "There, satisfied?" "Aw you're no fun," Sonny pouted and started to pull out of her. Emily grabbed him and stopped him. "Where are you going?! I want you stay inside of me!" Sonny pulled away from her arms. "I'll be back in there in no time baby. But I want you to turn over and get on your hands and knees." Emily groaned with disappointment at the feeling of his cock leaving her body, but did what he asked.

She settled down into position, adjusting herself as Sonny then instructed. "Rest your chest on the bed--put your ass higher up in the air." Then Sonny caught her totally off guard by slapping her ass. "Sonny!" "Just returning the favor," Sonny taunted. Emily still wondered if he would have really spanked her in the warehouse. Sonny moved in behind her and caressed her ass. "Aw sorry baby, did I hurt you?" Emily looked back at him and smiled. "Hardly; I'm tougher than you think." Sonny laughed, "like I said, you don't act like no virgin." "Well I'm not one anymore!" Emily cheerfully replied. Sonny put a finger on her anus. "Well actually--" Emily's face turned three shades of red. "You wouldn't!" "Oh I sure the hell would," Sonny replied, totally serious. "But I won't now--I don't think you're ready for that." Emily didn't argue; until now she didn't even know people had sex like that.

"Don't worry," Sonny reassured her. "I told you we won't do anything you don't want." "But--you've done that?" Emily asked incredulously. Sonny grinned at her; "next question." "Sonny! Why won't you tell me?" "Do you really want to know everything I did with women before I met you?" Sonny inquired. "Because I gotta tell you it'd take a while." Emily didn't like that bit of information. She put her face in the pillow. "No I don't want to know." Then she felt Sonny's cock entering her pussy. He went in nice and slow knowing she was probably not as ready as she'd been earlier. "Ooh!" Emily moaned. "Feel OK?" Sonny asked. "Oh yeah," Emily panted. "I think I'm going to become a sex addict because of your gorgeous cock!"

Sonny stopped cold. "What the hell does that mean?" "Huh?" Emily looked back at him again. Sonny was scowling at her. "Why are you mad?" "Sex addicts have sex with anyone and everyone," he told her. "Is that what you're telling me you're going to do?" "No!" Emily cried; "I meant with you!" Sonny relaxed. "Oh, OK." "How could you think anything else?" Sonny shrugged. "I'm insecure I guess." Emily couldn't believe her ears. "You--insecure? How is that possible? You're such a--don't take this the wrong way--such a bad ass!" Sonny smiled. "Yeah, I'm a serious bad ass. I've also fallen for you in a bad way. Just the thought of another man touching you makes me want to kill--" Emily sat up and eased herself back onto his cock. She leaned her head back to kiss him. "I'll never let another man touch me Sonny--I swear." "Damn straight," Sonny muttered taking her mouth with his. Then he gently pushed her back down onto her hands and knees, grabbed her hips, and started thrusting. Emily settled her torso down on the bed and sighed with contentment. "Here comes number five!"

Chapter 25

Sonny and Emily both fell asleep, totally exhausted from all the sex they were having. But Sonny hadn't forgotten that he was supposed to make Emily cum one more time before the day was over. He woke up to use the bathroom and glanced at the clock on his way back to bed. It was 11:50 PM. He grinned and then looked at Emily who was sleeping peacefully. He felt badly about disturbing her, and was just about to forget the whole thing when she shifted under the satin sheet and moaned. "Sonny--yeah--mmm--" Sonny immediately became as hard as a rock. He got back in the bed and moved in behind Emily who was on her side facing away from him. He reached over her and stroked her pussy. It was moist and warm. "Damn woman," he groaned.

He nuzzled her ear. "Emily--baby--wake up." "I'm awake," she retorted. "I woke up when you got back in the bed." "Do you know what time it is?" Sonny teased. Emily smiled, her eyes still closed. "Time for number six?" "That's right!" Sonny cheerfully replied. Emily reached a hand back and felt for him. Sonny guided her hand onto his cock. She stroked it as she opened her eyes and turned her head to kiss him. Then she flipped over, pushed him down flat on his back, and climbed on top of him. "Oh yeah," Sonny groaned; "ride it." Emily rolled her eyes. "You're so romantic--not!" "I can be romantic," Sonny protested. "But when it's time to get busy--I get busy!" Emily guided his cock in and slowly lowered herself down on it. "Look at it all go in," Sonny marveled; "you can handle me really well." Emily smiled at him, "yeah I can. I'm even surprising myself!" She put her hands on Sonny's chest and moved up and down. Sonny put his hands on her breasts. "I love your nipples," he told her, rubbing them gently between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Emily closed her eyes and her head lolled back. "Ooh I really like that," she panted. "Duly noted," Sonny said, his eyes black with lust. He then moved his hands to her hips and started thrusting up from underneath her. "Ooh--Sonny! Here comes number six!"

Afterwards Emily lay in Sonny's arms. She sighed with contentment and he smiled with the same feeling. Emily ran her hand over Sonny's body. "I love your body," she told him. "Mmmm and I love yours baby," he replied. "You're not going to believe this," Emily added, "but I could do it again right now." Sonny looked down at the top of her head. "Damn woman, I'm going to need to take more vitamins or something!" Emily giggled. "I'm only joking! I'm going to be so sore tomorrow!" "Well rest up now," Sonny said, "because you promised we'd make love in the morning--which I have to warn you I really like to do." Emily sat up and looked at him. "As opposed to when?" Sonny laughed and pulled her back down for a kiss. "But seriously," he said, "I'm really happy that I was your first. Thank you" Emily smiled; "my first and my last Sonny."

The next morning's lovemaking turned out to be a quick session, since Emily overslept and was late for a class. The semester was almost over and she would be graduating soon. She was looking forward to that; to working on the club; and to making love with Sonny as much as possible. Sonny was focused on two of the same things: The club, and being with Emily whenever he could. Of course, running his criminal empire was always a priority. And since he'd gotten Edward Quartermaine under control, and Marcus Taggart out of town, things had been running pretty smoothly. Sonny was as content as he'd ever been in his turbulent life, and it was thanks to the society princess turned bad girl.

Chapter 26

A month and half later Emily had graduated from PCU and Luke's Blues Club was ready to open. Emily was very nervous but excited. Both Luke and Sonny assured her she'd done a fabulous job and the place was going to be a huge hit. Luke had even arranged for BB King to play at the opening. Sonny surveyed the club early in the evening. "I hardly recognize the place," he told Emily. "Do you miss it--The Paradise I mean?" she asked. He shook his head, "nah. I've grown and moved so far past those times--and you're a big reason why." Emily's heart fluttered. "That's a really nice thing to say Sonny." He stepped closer and hugged her. "I probably don't tell you enough Emily, but I love you and I'm happier than I ever thought I could be." Emily tried not to cry; the emotion of the night already had her on edge and Sonny was sending her over it. "I love you so much Sonny," she replied softly. Sonny kissed her deeply.

When he released her mouth, she said, "you know--I've had this fantasy about that bar over there." Sonny glanced at the bar. "What about it?" "That I'm standing in front of it, wearing a short skirt and high heels." Sonny looked her over, "like you are right now?" Emily smiled, and then continued, "and I put my hands on the bar and lean on it. And then you come up behind me." "I'm remembering every detail," Sonny warned her. "And then you push my skirt up over my ass--" "That fine ass of yours," Sonny groaned kissing her neck. "And then you see I'm not wearing any underwear--"

"Isn't this special?" A voice boomed out from across the room. Sonny looked up to see Marcus Taggart standing by the doorway, and immediately moved Emily behind him. "Taggart, I didn't know you liked the Blues," Sonny said, trying to disguise how alarmed he was at Taggart's presence. He had a really bad feeling about the situation.

"Well you know Corinthos, I've been living the Blues," Taggart replied. "Stuck out in Montana; in a one-horse town they call a city. Where there are no other black people for miles and miles." "Ouch," Sonny said. "Yeah, it seriously sucks. And I have no doubt I have you to thank for it." "Me?" Sonny feigned innocence. "What could I have to do with it?" "I know you put the squeeze on Eddie Q. He wouldn't tell me how, he just told me to back off you. And the next thing I know I'm on a bus out of town. Isn't that interesting?" "Fascinating," Sonny retorted. Taggart drew his gun. "Emily, get out of here now," Sonny told her in a low voice. "No way," Emily protested. And then she addressed Taggart. "I don't know what you think happened, but you don't have jurisdiction in Port Charles anymore, Detective. You can't arrest Sonny." "Who said anything about arresting him?" Taggart replied. And then, he pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

Chapter 27

"Sonny!" Emily cried as she watched him crumble to the floor. She immediately went down and covered his body with hers. Taggart was still holding a gun on them. "Where were you hit?" Emily whispered to Sonny. "My--my stomach, I think," he groaned in reply. Emily tried not to panic, but she knew if she didn't get him medical help immediately he could die. She was about to plead, beg, say anything she could to Taggart to let her call an ambulance, when both she and Sonny noticed Luke Spencer was crouched behind the end of the bar. And he was holding a gun.

"Emily," Sonny whispered; "I need--need you to--distract Taggart." "OK," Emily whispered back. "Be careful," Sonny warned. Emily slowly got up off Sonny. She faced Taggart, being sure to block as much of Sonny's body as she could. "I seriously doubt you're going to shoot me," she began, "so I want to talk to you." Taggart stared at her. He had no intention of shooting anyone but Sonny, but Emily was standing in his way. "I don't want to hurt you," he replied; "but you need to get out of the way and let me end this!" Sonny and Luke maintained eye contact the entire time, and Luke understood that at some point Sonny was going to call for the gun. He remained on the ready. "It will end," Emily continued, "because Sonny's hurt really badly and if you don't let me call an ambulance, he will die!" Her voice trembled; her eyes filled with tears. "Good, I want him dead!" Taggart yelled at her. "But I'd rather make sure myself, so get out of the way!" Sonny gestured to Luke with his hand; his fingers counting out one--two--three--Luke quickly slid the gun to him across the floor. "Emily--down!" Sonny yelled. Emily went to the floor just as Sonny sat up--and fired.

"Argh!" Taggart yelled; hit in the chest. He tried to fire his gun again, but Luke had bounded across the room and grabbed his arm. He pulled the gun from Taggart's hand and held it on the cop as he fell down onto his knees. Emily got up and hurried back to Sonny, who had ended up flat on his back in pain. He was bleeding profusely from the gut. "Oh my god Sonny!" she cried and jumped into action. Maybe she'd seen too many episodes of ER, or maybe she had learned more than she realized from watching her parents day to day, but somehow she knew just what to do. She ran to the bar and grabbed all the towels she could find. Then, she picked up the phone and dialed 911. She gave them the address and told them, "we have two gun shot victims, hurry!" Racing back over to Sonny she told him, "I need you to roll onto your hip if you can Sonny; I have to see if there's an exit wound!" Sonny groaned but did as she asked with her help. Emily was happy to see there was no exit wound. Although that meant the bullet was lodged somewhere inside Sonny, it'd be easier to stop the bleeding from one wound than from two. She guided him flat on his back again and wadded up the towels. She covered the wound, and applied as much pressure as she could muster. "How's Taggart?" she then asked Luke, who was standing over him. "I think he's dead," Luke replied. Taggart was still on his knees, but was slumped forward and not moving. Luke nudged him with his foot, and Taggart's body fell over. "Yup, he's dead."

Emily was glad. Anyone who would shoot an un-armed man--especially her man--deserved to die. She looked at Sonny's face. He was sweating and in obvious agony. "The ambulance is coming baby," she told him; "I need you to be strong--be a survivor again, like I know you can be!" Sonny managed to give her a weak smile. "You think--leave you if I could help it?" he asked in a weak voice. Emily smiled back, her heart pounding as she noticed the towels were totally soaked with his blood. "You'd better not leave me. We have unfinished business. I want you to live up to that promise of a dozen times in one night!" "Them's--fighting words--baby," Sonny replied. And then, he passed out.

Chapter 28

Emily sat by Sonny's side in the ICU; she'd never left him for more than a minute throughout the whole night. Luke had to stay at the club and handle canceling the opening; since the place was a crime scene. Fortunately, the Port Charles police believed Luke & Emily's account of the events; they'd both told identical stories at totally different times. Emily had given her statement at the hospital, while her mother Dr. Monica Quartermaine worked feverishly to save Sonny's life. Emily was nervous about putting Sonny in Monica's hands, but her mother reassured her; "I'm a doctor Emily. I've sworn to save lives. No matter what I think of--your boyfriend--I would never let him die." Emily believed her, but was still hanging on by a thread waiting to see if Sonny made it through the surgery. Luke had called his son Lucky, and told him Emily would need his support. Lucky then called Elizabeth, and Emily's two friends sat with her for hours in the waiting room.

Finally, Monica came out and told Emily Sonny survived the surgery. "But he's lost a lot of blood, so it's going to be at least 24 hours before we know for sure that he's OK." Emily thanked her for everything she did to save Sonny. Monica smiled at her. "Thank yourself. If you didn't react as quickly as you did to stop the bleeding, he would definitely not have survived." Now, Emily studied Sonny's face and thought about what her mother had said. She realized that while she was helping Sonny at Luke's, she felt amazingly sure of herself and what she was doing. And if her actions helped save his life, then maybe she should become a doctor after all. "I wish you were awake so you could help me figure this out," she whispered to Sonny. But she knew she'd have to wait a while for that, so she settled down in her chair and closed her eyes.

When Emily woke the next morning, Sonny still hadn't come out of it. She was very worried and checked his chart. His blood pressure was low but not dangerously so. She took his pulse and found it to be steady. She didn't realize that Monica was standing in the doorway watching her. Her mother felt a rush of pride as she realized that Emily still had a chance to become a brilliant doctor. Monica also knew why Sonny had been shot; that it was due to Edward's meddling, and not because of some criminal activity Sonny had been involved in. Maybe being with Sonny Corinthos hadn't ruined her daughter's life after all.

Sonny stirred on the bed and Monica hurried over. "He's waking up!" Emily declared finally noticing her mother was there. "That's a great sign Em," Monica reassured her. "Uhhhh," Sonny groaned as he tried to open his eyes. When he finally got them opened he looked right into Emily's beautiful face. "Good--morning--" he said with difficulty. "Good morning yourself handsome," Emily replied beaming at him. "Where--" "You're in GH Sonny," Emily told him; "you were shot last night." "F--ing--Taggart," Sonny muttered, only getting half of the curse word out. Emily looked up at Monica slightly embarrassed. Monica didn't seem to react to it at all. Instead she examined Sonny and declared him out of the woods. Emily was greatly relieved.

"You know Sonny," Monica told him, "Emily saved your life. She's going to be a great doctor, don't you think?" Sonny looked at Emily's mother and replied, "abso..absolutely." Satisfied with that Monica left them alone. "You can st--still start in the Fall," Sonny told Emily. "Start what?" "Med--Medical School." "I know, and I think I will. Are you OK with that?" "Only if--you play doctor with me," Sonny answered with a grin. Emily laughed, "you're unbelievable! Lying there all shot up, and still all you can think about is sex!" "Damn--damn straight baby," Sonny retorted. "And I heard you last night too. As soon as I'm healed--we're going for--dozen times straight. So you--better rest up!" Emily leaned over and kissed his forehead. She knew he was totally serious, and knew she'd need a lot more rest before, and after, that night occurred than even he would recovering from surgery. "I'm looking forward to it baby," she replied in all sincerity. She was just so grateful he was alive, and they were together, and that was how it would always be.


Sonny strutted into Luke's Club looking for Emily. It took six months for him to recover from being shot by Marcus Taggart, but he was finally almost back to 100%. Emily had wanted to put off starting Medical School while Sonny was healing, but he had insisted she pursue her career right away. Sonny paused near the entrance, having spotted Emily leaning over the bar with her head in a text book. He couldn't help but notice her long, smooth legs, since she was wearing a short skirt and high heels. His first instinct was to blow his top; had she gone to classes dressed like that? Then, he remembered something she'd told him right before Taggart shot him:

"You know--I've had this fantasy about that bar over there." Sonny glanced at the bar. "What about it?" "That I'm standing in front of it, wearing a short skirt and high heels." Sonny looked her over, "like you are right now?" Emily smiled, and then continued, "and I put my hands on the bar and lean on it. And then you come up behind me." "I'm remembering every detail," Sonny warned her. "And then you push my skirt up over my ass--" "That fine ass of yours," Sonny groaned kissing her neck. "And then you see I'm not wearing any underwear--"

Sonny tried to approach her quietly, but she had already sensed his presence. Her nerve endings instantly tingled and her heart started beating faster. She'd deliberately changed her clothes after getting home from school; hoping Sonny was finally well enough to fulfill the fantasy she had about the bar. It was several months into his recovery before they'd been able to make love at all, and Emily still wanted to make up for lost time. She felt Sonny's breath on the back of her head. "This time you really do deserve to be spanked," he told her in a quiet voice, choked with anger and lust. "Wh--why?" Emily asked, nervous because she could hear the displeasure in his voice. "Walking around dressed like that--are you trying to excite all the future doctors?" Emily couldn't help but smile at his jealously. She took a tiny step back hoping to feel his body against hers. Sonny still hadn't touched her. "I didn't wear this to PCU," she told him. "I put it on just for you when I got home." Sonny was relieved, and then felt badly for jumping to conclusions. "Sorry." Emily smiled again; "that's OK--but I think you need to make it up to me Sonny."

Now Sonny smiled as well. "How did that story go? Something about me pushing your skirt up--" Emily bit her lower lip and leaned forward, supporting herself on the bar with her arms. She was thrilled he'd remembered her fantasy. Sonny squatted down behind her, and then ran his hands up her legs touching every inch. He stood up as he went, and when he reached her skirt he pushed it up with his hands. She wore nothing under it. He was already hard, but got positively granite at the sight. "You are such a bad girl," he groaned. Emily moved her feet in order to open her legs up for him. "Fuck me Sonny," she moaned. Sonny caressed her tight ass and then moved one hand in between her legs to see how ready she was. She was sopping wet. Within a moment Sonny had himself free from his pants, and plunged his throbbing cock into her. "Yes!!" Emily wailed. Sonny lifted one of her legs up so her knee rested on a bar stool. He sank into her even deeper. "Fuck me Sonny!" Emily ordered again--but this time she yelled it loudly. Luke and Lucky Spencer froze outside the entrance to the club. "Did you hear something dad?" Lucky asked Luke; not quite grasping what he'd heard. "Uh--no," Luke stammered; "I didn't hear anything. But--let's go grab some coffee at Kelly's!" He pulled Lucky away from the building.

Sonny wanted to get his hands on Emily's breasts; to kiss her mouth; but he couldn't reach either area because she was leaning forward too much. So instead, he grabbed her ass with both hands and fucked her hard. It was what they both wanted. "Sonny!!!" Emily cried as she exploded into orgasm. "Unh--Em!" Sonny yelled in response, shooting a mother-load into her. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, trying to not pass out and fall onto the floor. Emily managed to lower her leg from the stool, and supported his body weight on hers. "Mmmm, I think you're back to your old self baby," she sighed. Sonny smiled against her back. "So--does that mean that was number one of twelve?"