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“Emily turned out to be the best possible thing for you. Emily changed your life for the better...”

Carly to Sonny


5/14/09— Added a new mvid: "Is This Love?"

4/20/09— Added a new mvid: "If"

5/16/07 — Added a complete story: "Nothing But the Truth"

4/30/07 — Added a complete story: "Forbidden"

3/30/07 — I've added another postcard

2/5/07 — I've added new Valentine's Day postcards

and a new avatar, banner, and postcard about S&E finally speaking to each other on screen!

I've taken down the Media Tribute page. I just don't have the time to populate it with clips. This is NOT a reflection of my feelings about S&E. I still love the pairing and have a fervent hope they will be together again some day!

is a great source for S&E clips!

Plus check the campaign forum at Unexpected for the latest campaigns
including many postcards that I've made!
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Previous Updates

1/17/07— Added a complete story: "Tangled Ties"

1/9/07 — Added more videos to the "Media Tribute" page.

12/22/06 — Added a special postcard commemorating the anniversary of S&E's first kiss!

12/18/06 — Added a complete story: "Setting it Right"

11/21/06 — Added another new mvid.

11/6/06 — Added another postcard, and more videos have been added to the "Media Tribute" page.

11/1/06 — Added a complete story: "Baby Did Some Bad, Bad Things (Because They Felt So Good!)"

10/19/06 — Added some more postcards, and more videos have been added to the "Media Tribute" page.

10/16/06 — Added another postcard.

9/29/06 — Added another postcard.

and added a new feature to the site: "Media Tribute" page.

9/20/06 — Added another postcard.

9/15/06 — Added another new mvid.

9/12/06 — Added a complete story: "Old Habits are Hard to Break."

8/28/06 — Added another postcard.

8/16/06 — Added another postcard.

8/10/06 — Added another new mvid.

8/2/06 — Added three more postcards.

8/1/06 — Added another new mvid.

7/29/06 — Added three new postcards.

7/13/06 — Added another new mvid.

7/3/06 — Added another new mvid.

6/28/06 — Another new banner added.

6/21/06 — Added a new mvid.

6/21/06 — Another new banner and three avatars added.

6/14/06 — Added a complete story: "Finding Paradise."

5/30/06 — Three more banners and new fan art added.

5/19/06 — Added another new mvid.

5/15/06 — Two more banners and new fan art added.

5/12/06 — Added another new mvid, and a new banner.

5/11/06 — Two new fan arts added!

5/6/06 — Another banner and avatar added.

4/28/06 — Added another new mvid!

4/23/06 — Added another new mvid!

4/22/06 — Two more banners added.

4/21/06 — Another redesign of the site!

4/16/06 — Added more fan art.

4/12/06 — Added a fan fiction category to the site, and a complete story: "Phantom of the Docks."
and added another new postcard.

4/5/06 — Added a new link, and another avatar.

4/3/06 — Added another new mvid!

3/31/06 — Added another banner, and fan art.

3/31/06 — Added two more postcards.

3/28/06 — Added another new mvid!

3/25/06 — Added two more banners, more fan art, and more avatars.

3/24/06 — Added another banner.

3/22/06 — Added more fan art.

3/21/06 — Added another new mvid!

3/18/06 — Added three more banners.

3/16/06 — Added more fan art.

3/15/06 — Added another new mvid!

3/14/06 — Updated the site design...again!

And added a few postcards, and a new mvid!

3/10/06 — Added two more banners, two more fan art, and two more avatars.

3/8/06 — Added another new mvid!

3/5/06 — Added another banner, and more fan art, and two more avatars.

3/4/06 — Added a new mvid!

3/1/06 — Added another banner, and more fan art.

2/28/06 — Added more fan art, and another banner.

2/22/06 — Updated the site design! And added two new mvids, more fan art, three more banners, and a bunch of avatars!

2/20/06 — Added another banner, and an avatar.

2/16/06 — Added another banner, and more fan art

2/9/06 — Added another new mvid and another banner.

2/1/06 — Added another new mvid!

1/29/06 — Added another banner, and more fan art.

1/28/06 — Added another new mvid!

1/27/06 — Added several S&E valentines to the postcards page! Let GH know how much you are falling in love with this couple!

1/25/06 — Added more fan art.

1/22/06 — Added another banner, and more fan art.

1/19/06 — Added another banner.

1/18/06 — Added two more avatars, and more fan art, and added yet another new mvid!

1/17/06 — Added another banner.

1/15/06 — Added more fan art.

1/13/06 — Added yet another new mvid!

1/12/06 — Added another new mvid!

1/11/06 — Added another banner, two more avatars, and fan art.

1/08/06 — New link added. Plus added another banner and two new avatars.

1/07/06 — New design! Added another banner and new fan art ...and added another new mvid!

12/30/05 — Added another avatar, new fan art, and another banner.

12/26/05 — Added two more banners, and another new mvid!

12/23/05 — Added another avatar, and fan art.

12/20/05 — Added another new mvid and a new postcard and banner.

12/19/05 — By request, added a page of avatars.

12/18/05 — Added more fan art.

12/17/05 — Added another banner.

12/16/05 — Added another new mvid!

12/13/05 — Added more fan art.

12/09/05 — Added another new mvid!; more fan art and a new postcard!

12/08/05 — Added fan art and another banner.

12/03/05 — Added fan art and another banner.

12/01/05 — Added a new mvid!

11/30/05 — The site is launched!

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