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Unforgettable Connection

My Music Videos:
Is This Love?
Sonny falls for Emily
music by Whitesnake

Emily fantasizes about Sonny!
music by Janet Jackson

Crazy in Love
A tribute to those crazy kids...so in love!
music by Beyonce
Baby Come Back
An alternate-reality mvid
music by Player
What Hurts the Most
What hurts the most is losing them
music by Rascal Flatts
This is Not Goodbye
I believe they'll go on
music by Hugh Wilson
Dolphin's Cry
Love will lead them
music by Live
I Need an Angel
Sonny needs an angel to save him...and he's got one
music by Ruben Studdard
I Need You
They are each other's strength
music by LeAnn Rimes

Sonny's Mood for Love
Everytime he's near her...he's in the mood!
music by Elliott Yamin

Cruise Control
Lay back, and enjoy the ride
music by Teena Marie & Smokey Robinson
I'm Your Vehicle Baby
Sonny's got the car, and the girl.
music by The Ides of March
It's darkest before the dawn.
music by Sarah MacLaughlin
Nothing Can Come Between Us
Their love is strong and tender.
music by Sade
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
He puts no one else above her.
music by Rod Stewart
Making Me High
Sexy Sonny & Emily!
music by Toni Braxton
Sonny finds love again with Emily
music by Lifehouse
Can I Have This Kiss Forever?
Sonny & Emily kiss and love in Spain
music by Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston
Know Who I Am
Sonny & Emily in Spain
music by Goo Goo Dolls

Emily wants some more Sonny Honey.
music by Mariah Carey

Ready for Love
Sonny & Emily...together through the virus crisis.
music by Bad Company

With You I'm Born Again
Sonny & Emily make love.
music by Billy Preston & Syreeta

Can't Fight This Feeling
Sonny can't fight it.
music by REO Speedwagon

They're incomplete without each other.
music by Backstreet Boys

And I Love You
She's going to keep loving him...no matter what everyone says.
music by Toni Braxton

Stick With You
They're sticking with each other...no matter what!
music by Pussycat Dolls

Make Me Smile
They make each other smile!
music by Chicago

Love's About to Change My Mind
He's falling in love again!
music by John Secada

It's only the beginning of a wonderful romance!
music by Chicago

My Confession
Sonny can't hide his feelings.
music by Josh Groban

Could This Be Love?
I think it could be!
music by Jennifer Lopez

Don't Let Go
Don't you want to be more than friends?
music by En Vogue

Something to Talk About
Since everyone assumes they're together...they should get together!
music by Bonnie Raitt

She's falling for him...hard.
music by Kristin Hoffman

Dreams are subconcious desires.
music by Vanessa Williams

I Could Fall in Love
Sonny & Emily could fall so easily...and so could we!
music by Selena

I Turn to You
Sonny & Emily can count on each other.
music by Christina Aguilera