Finding Paradise

a S&E story
(contains nc-17 scenes!)


Chapter 1

Emily Bowen could feel the air pulsing as she opened the door to The Paradise Lounge and walked inside. The music was loud, and everything shook with its beat. Emily didn't need anything else to make her shake; she was frightened enough. Desperation had brought her to this point. She had no job, no money, didn't know anyone in Port Charles, the town she'd just picked off a map and driven to. Then, all she could think of was getting away…making a fresh start. She hadn't stopped to think about how she would survive on her own, with very little work experience and only a High School education. Now, 23 years old, she knew she had wasted years of her life on a fairytale dream that had turned out to be a nightmare. She'd been searching for work all week, and the ad in the newspaper for exotic dancers stated a salary that was impossible to ignore. "Can I even dance?" Emily had mused as she walked the several blocks from Kelly's diner… where she had secured a room upstairs…to The Paradise Lounge. When she asked Tammy, the proprietress of Kelly's, about the strip club, she was told that the owner was a tough but fair man, and someone that Tammy had known for years, having once danced there herself.

Emily looked around the club. It was about half-filled, which she thought was impressive since it was only Eight o'clock at night. The bouncer at the door didn't bother to card her. He could tell she was old enough to drink...if just barely. Emily looked back at him, and spoke. "I'm here about the ad." "Huh?" He couldn't hear her and stepped closer. "I said; I'm here about the ad; for a dancer." He nodded his head, and then pointed toward the back of the club. Emily could see a door. "Go see the boss…in his office." Emily took a deep breath, and headed towards the door.

Inside his office, Sonny Corinthos was holding a meeting with an employee. Only this wasn't a dancer, or bouncer, he was an enforcer, and he worked for Sonny in his other business. Sonny was a powerful underworld crime boss. He ran Port Charles with an iron fist. The Paradise was a legitimate business, but it was also his cover for all his other activities. Unfortunately, the police and FBI were all well aware of that. To date, Sonny has been too smart for them to catch breaking the law. Jason Morgan was Sonny's top enforcer. Sonny had taken Jason in after a car accident altered his personality. Sonny liked Jason's new personality…he'd only briefly met Jason before the accident. Jason was robotic; he did whatever Sonny told him, without question, and was very efficient in his work. Which was unfortunate for anyone who crossed Sonny or made him upset. Jason got up at the sound of the knock on the office door. He opened it and asked, "what do you want?" Emily jumped back a bit. If this was the owner of the club, she didn't think much of her chances of getting a job. "Well, what?!" Jason yelled. "Jason!" She heard another voice come from behind the large man. Jason immediately stepped aside to let Sonny approach the door. "That's no way to talk to a lady Jason," Sonny sternly reprimanded him. "Sorry boss," Jason replied. "Get out," Sonny ordered. Jason walked out past Emily.

"Sorry about that," Sonny said, motioning Emily in to his office. He shut the door behind her and showed her to a chair. Then, he walked around his desk and sat back down in his chair. "Oh, where are my manners," he said, standing up again. He reached his hand out across the desk, "Sonny Corinthos." Emily stood slightly to shake his hand. "Emily Bowen." She sat back down. "Well Ms. Bowen, what can I do for you?" Sonny asked, re-taking his seat. He knew what he wanted to do for her, and to her. And if she was there for the dancing job, which he hoped she was, he was going to take full advantage of the situation. "Um," Emily began in an unsteady voice; "I saw the ad in the paper." "For the dancer?" "Right." "Do you have any experience?" Sonny asked. She certainly was beautiful enough; in fact, she was better looking than any dancer he had in the club. She'd be a huge draw. "Well…not really," Emily reluctantly answered. "Can you dance?" "I…I think so." Sonny was sensing something was very off with this one. Most women who came into his club for a job were aggressive. They'd say just about anything to convince him they were the best dancer around. "Why don't you stand up…go over there," Sonny told her, pointing to a more empty part of the room. Emily did as he said. "Take your jacket off." She did that too. She was wearing her sexiest top; a halter, that showed off her perfectly shaped breasts and toned arms. Sonny's heart actually skipped a beat at the sight of her; something that had never happened to him before. Emily turned around to put the jacket down, and Sonny's heart almost stopped altogether. "Jesus…" Emily whipped back around. She realized what she had just shown him. Now he'd never give her a job.


Chapter 2

"I…I'm sorry!" Emily cried. "Please give me a chance. I know it looks awful…right now…but…" Sonny hurried over to her, picked up her jacket, and draped it over her shoulders. He led her back to her chair, and she sat down, crying. He then rushed to get her a drink of water. Emily gratefully took a sip. Sonny sat back on the edge of the desk facing her, and asked, "who did that to you?" Emily thought she heard rage in his voice, and was very afraid. "Please…don't make me tell you…" Sonny softened. He quelled the murderous anger he felt at whomever would hurt this beautiful woman, and tried to make her feel better. "Listen to me. I understand what you've been through…I really do. Those are marks from a belt, aren't they?" Emily started sobbing. Sonny reached for his handkerchief, which he handed to her. She took it, and tried to stem the flow of tears. "Was it your father?" Emily shook her head. "A boyfriend? Husband?" Emily nodded; "husband." Sonny's hand involuntarily shaped into a fist. "Do you still live with him?" Emily shook her head again. "No, I…I left. I ran away." She finally looked up at Sonny. "He doesn't know where I am…please…you can't tell anyone!" Sonny gave her a sad smile. "I won't tell a soul. I'm a very private person myself." His words made her feel better. "Do you…do you think I can have that job?" Emily haltingly asked. Sonny got lost momentarily in her tear-filled eyes. Then he replied, "no. No, I don't think so." Emily stood up, and was only inches from him. "Please Mr. Corinthos. I beg you. I really need this job. If there's anything I can do to…" she reached out to him with a trembling hand. Sonny took her hand in his. Any other time…any other situation…he'd be fucking her on his desk. And he wanted this woman like he had no other. But…she'd been hurt enough. "There's nothing you can do," he sternly told her. "I'm not letting you dance here." Besides not wanting to take advantage of her pain, the truth was he didn't want her taking her clothes off for anyone but him. Emily collapsed back down into her chair. "I guess I have to go back," she quietly conversed with herself. "I have no choice." Sonny got down on his knees in front of her. "Don't even think that!" She looked into his eyes, which looked like they were black glass. "I said I wouldn't let you dance here, but I'm still giving you a job!" Emily's heart pounded, "you are? What?" Sonny had to think fast; he didn't have another job that needed to be filled, and he didn't want Emily to be a waitress…they had to work too hard. "Uh…hostess…yeah…hostess!" "Hostess? What do I do?" He stood up and stepped over to his bar to pour himself a drink. "Uh…you greet customers as they come in…help them find a place to sit…make sure the waitresses are taking care of them…stuff like that." He had just described 80% of the club manager's job. Vito wasn't going to be happy…but Sonny didn't much care. "That sounds great," Emily said, feeling more hopeful by the moment. "Um…can I ask what it pays?" "You'll make as much as a dancer," Sonny said; "you'll get tips from customers too. I'm sure of that."

Emily got up and walked over to Sonny, who was downing a glass of scotch. "Thank you, Mr. Corinthos. You just saved my life. I won't let you down." Sonny put his glass down, and turned to face her. "Oh I know you won't. One thing…anything you see around here, stays around here. You get my meaning?" Emily didn't really understand, but she nodded her head anyway. "Oh, and here…" Sonny reached into his pocket and pulled out the biggest wad of bills Emily had ever seen. He peeled a few off, and handed them to her. "Clothing allowance; I want you to dress hot…but not sleazy." Emily nodded again. "You mean, don't show my back." Sonny shook his head, "no that's not what I meant. That's up to you. Those marks are someone else's shame Emily…not yours."


Chapter 3

Sonny showed Emily out, with instructions to return the following afternoon to get oriented. Then, he walked back to his office, motioning to Jason to follow him in. He shut the door behind them, and then smacked Jason on the back of the head. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Sonny growled. Jason looked down at the ground, and then back up into Sonny's eyes. "I'm sorry Sonny. I forgot what you told me about women…" "Treat them with respect Jason." Jason nodded. "Now, that doesn't mean you have to marry every woman you meet," Sonny chuckled. "In fact, you can have a lot of fun with them. But don't ever act threatening like that." "Yes sir got it." "That girl, Emily…she's going to be working here." Jason nodded again, "dancing?" "No. Not dancing. I made her hostess. Which means she'll be doing some of the stuff Vito does now. He's not going to like that," Sonny told Jason as a way of putting him on alert. "If he knows what's good for him, he'll like it just fine," Jason replied. "Where the hell is he anyway?" Sonny asked, realizing he hadn't seen Vito yet that night. Jason opened the office door and looked out. "He just came in." Sonny looked at his watch. "That's the third time he's strolled in here late in the past month. Get him in here." Jason went out to retrieve Vito, while Sonny prepared to lay down the law about timeliness, and Emily.

Meanwhile, Emily had returned to Kelly's. "How'd it go?" Tammy asked, pouring her a cup of coffee. She could tell Emily had been crying. "Are you OK?" Emily nodded her head, "yeah, I'm good. It was stressful, but Mr. Corinthos gave me a job." "Great! Well, if you need any pointers about dancing, let me know." "He didn't hire me as a dancer." "Oh, a waitress?" "He gave me a hostess job. Funny…that wasn't mentioned in the ad." Tammy stared at her. "Did you have to…you know?" Emily looked at her, confused. Tammy asked straight out, "did you have to fuck him?" Emily turned red; "No! Well, I…I sort of offered." "And he turned you down? Sonny Corinthos? Are you sure you talked to Sonny Corinthos?" Emily couldn't help but giggle, "yes I'm sure. Why would you think that was odd?" "Are you kidding me? Did you get a load of that guy? He's used to women throwing themselves at him. 'Oh Sonny…I'll do anything you want…'" "And he usually takes them up on it?" Emily asked. "Shit honey, of course he does. He's a man isn't he? And that man…well let's just say he enjoys sex, and he's built to make you enjoy it." Emily's jaw dropped, "did you…?" Tammy shook her head, "actually, no, but I've heard things. I was working at another club, and Sonny recruited me to go work for him. It was a totally different situation than a girl coming in off the street looking for a job. I just wonder why he didn't fuck you. I mean, I'm sure he thought you were hot." Emily got sad. "I know why. Let's just say, he didn't think I was that hot." She got up, said goodnight, and headed up the stairs to her room.

Back at The Paradise, Sonny, Jason and Vito were meeting in Sonny's office. "Where have you been?" Sonny angrily asked. "Uh…I'm sorry I was late boss. It was nothing, just some personal stuff…" "You've been late three times, that's not 'nothing.' So again…where have you been?" "I swear, it was just personal!" Sonny shook his head and looked at Jason. "If it happens again, you punish him. You got it?" Vito fought to control his bladder. He'd seen Jason Morgan "punish" people before. Jason nodded his head as he usually did when Sonny gave him an order. He didn't like anyone upsetting Sonny, whom he worshipped for giving him a job and a life after the accident. "It…it won't happen again boss, I swear!" Vito nervously declared. "I hired a young lady as a hostess," Sonny continued. "Her name is Emily. Be here tomorrow afternoon; show her the ropes. And I don't want to hear anything from you about it!" Vito held his tongue. He knew he was already in trouble with Sonny and didn't want to make it worse, but the thought of someone else infringing on his job made him furious. "Yes boss," was all he replied. Sonny studied his face for a moment, and then dismissed him. He held Jason back for a moment. "Something's off with him. Check it out." Jason nodded again, and left. Sonny closed the door, and went back to sit behind his desk. He glanced up at the monitors over the door which showed the stage and the dancers performing. He tried to picture Emily up there, shaking her ass for all to see, but couldn't conjure up the image. Instead, he imagined Emily lying beneath him, moaning as he stroked in and out of her. His cock throbbed at the thought and he put a hand down on top of his pants to try to quell it. "Shit Emily," he muttered, wondering how he was going to deal with all these new feelings burning inside of him.


Chapter 4

Emily arrived at work the next afternoon, wearing a tasteful black dress with short sleeves that she'd bought that morning. It was form-fitting, with a plunging neckline, but certainly not "sleazy" as Sonny had instructed. She hoped he would like her in it. A strange man walked over to her when she entered. "Are you Emily?" he gruffly asked. "Yes." "I guess I'm supposed to show you around." Vito didn't bother to introduce himself. He saw no need to be nice to the girl that was taking some of his responsibilities away. Emily took an instant dislike to the man. Jason Morgan sat at the bar, watching them. He'd been following Vito around all morning, as well as the previous night, trying to figure out why he'd been showing up late for work. Of course today, he showed up early, hoping to make Sonny less suspicious of him. Vito walked quickly around the club, explaining things to Emily as briefly as possible. Emily's head felt like it was spinning.

"And that's about it," Vito declared five minutes later. Emily tried to remember everything he had rattled off to her. "Everything going OK?" She turned at the sound of Sonny's voice. "Yes sir, Mr. Corinthos," Vito quickly replied, then realized Sonny wasn't looking at him. He was staring at Emily. "Yes," she answered, not wanting to cause any problems by complaining about Vito's "training" methods. "You look great," Sonny told her. "Thanks," Emily quietly replied. In reality, Sonny thought she looked better than great. He actually felt a bit worried that she'd be interacting with so many men later that night. Emily felt unnerved because Sonny was still staring at her. "Do you need me to do something?" she asked. "I bet he does," Vito grumbled under his breath. Sonny's eyes finally left Emily's face and shot daggers at Vito. "Watch it! You're on thin ice already!" "Sorry!" Vito cried, and scurried off. Sonny watched him for a moment, glanced at Jason, who was watching Vito himself, and then looked back to Emily. "If he bothers you, you let me know." And then, he walked away. Emily realized she'd been holding her breath, and finally exhaled. There was something about Sonny that made her very nervous. Not an afraid kind of nervous though; it was another kind of feeling she couldn't quite figure out.

Jason met up with Sonny in his office. "Find anything out about Vito?" Sonny asked. "Nah, he's keeping his nose clean. He probably figured we'd be watching him. Are you sure he's up to something?" "He's disrespectful of me…to the point of indicating he wants to do something about the lack of balance of power in our relationship." Jason didn't understand, but kept quiet, knowing Sonny was about to teach him some more about human nature. Sonny continued, "when a man thinks he has no power, he can get resentful. And resentment leads to people doing stupid things." "I'm not resentful," Jason stated, acknowledging that Sonny had all the power in their relationship too. "I know. Some men know their place. And that doesn't mean that'll always be your place. For many years, I worked for other men. I kept quiet, did what they said, and didn't resent their power. Instead, I admired it, and it gave me something to work towards for myself." Jason nodded his head. "But the only thing Vito is working towards," Sonny went on, "is a way to get over on me. I can see it in his eyes. Keep on him." "Yes sir." "Oh, and get me the number of that private dick we've used before." "Sure, but, is there anything you need me to do?" Sonny shook his head, "no. I'll use the P.I. on this one." Jason didn't ask anything further. Instead, he picked up the phone and called information. Sonny looked up at the monitors in the office and checked on Emily. She was walking around, making sure the tables were all set up. He wanted to find out more about her, because he had a feeling the balance of power in their relationship wasn't going to be as one-sided as the others in his life.


Chapter 5

Two weeks later things were going well for Emily at the club. Other than dealing with the occasional drunken slob that would hit on her, the job wasn't too difficult. And in reality, the bouncers dealt with most of the problem customers; all she had to do was look their way and they'd come running over. She didn't know that Sonny had given them strict instructions to make sure no one bothered her. All the club employees, bouncers, dancers, and Vito, assumed Sonny was banging the hell out of Emily. Some of the dancers were jealous; they had occasionally spent time with Sonny in his office and knew what he had to offer a woman. But since Emily had shown up, he barely acknowledged that they existed. One dancer, Ginger, didn't like the situation one bit, and decided to take matters into her own hands. She knocked on Sonny's office door after her first dance of the night, wearing nothing but a g-string and a short robe. "Come in!" he called out. She went in, and shut the door behind her, turning the dead bolt lock. Sonny heard the sound and looked up from his desk. "That's awfully presumptuous of you Ginger." Ginger put a fake, sweet smile on her face and walked over to his side of the desk. "I just thought we could spend some time together, sugar. You know, like we used to?" "I'm not going to fuck you Ginger," Sonny abruptly stated. Ginger's smile faded. "Now that's not a nice thing to say!" Sonny leaned back in his chair and smiled at her. "This, from the woman who screams out the rudest things I've ever heard while she's being fucked?" Ginger put her smile back on. "I can't help myself with you Sonny. You've got that huge cock…and you know how to use it baby. Use it now…" Ginger went to sit on Sonny's lap.

"Don't!" Sonny yelled, standing up and sending Ginger crashing to the floor. He bent down and helped her up. "What is wrong with you?!" Ginger cried. "Oh wait, I know. It's that new bitch Emily, isn't it?" Sonny's eyes got black. "Shut up Ginger." Ginger shuddered; she'd seen that look before. It was Sonny's "I'm about to erupt and hurt someone" look. She'd never seen him hurt a woman, but she didn't want to take a chance on being the first. "Ok, sorry…forget I said anything," she stammered, backing away from him. Sonny took in a deep breath, and let it out. "Just leave Emily alone, and leave me alone, and we'll be just fine Ginger." Ginger nodded and ran to the door. She quickly unlocked it, opened it, and hurried out…running right into Emily. "Oh, sorry!" Emily cried. "Yeah, sure you are," Ginger muttered under her breath. Emily watched her walk off, and then looked back at Sonny who was pouring himself a drink. "An after-sex drink," Emily assumed. And then she realized how much it bothered her to think Sonny had just had sex with Ginger. "Do you need something Emily?" Sonny asked, finally snapping out of the angry state Ginger put him in and noticing Emily standing in his doorway. "No…nevermind," Emily sadly replied. She'd forgotten what she wanted to ask him anyway. She walked away, knowing that she had fallen for her boss, and that she was just another in a long line of women to him. A woman he didn't even want to touch because she'd been damaged by her mistake of a marriage. Sonny watched her go and felt frustrated. He wanted to grab her and tell her how hot he was for her, but the last thing he wanted was to make her feel obligated to have sex with him. He didn't want to have her like that. He wanted it to be real.


Chapter 6

Later that night, the P.I. Sonny hired showed up at the club. Jason brought him into Sonny's office, and then left them. "Took you long enough," Sonny growled. "It…it was tough to get info on the lady, Mr. Corinthos. Sorry." "So, what'd you find out?" "She was married to a Nikolas Cassadine…I should say, is still married." Sonny hated the sound of that, and asked "Hasn't she filed for divorced? Her last name isn't Cassadine." The P.I. shook his head. "No. The Cassadines are descended from Russian royalty. They're a strange bunch. I would bet they're not too keen on their wives walking away. She probably knows that. Bowen was her mother's maiden name." "Are they looking for her?" The P.I. chose his words carefully. He knew full well they were looking for her, because he took a lot of money from Nikolas Cassadine to reveal her whereabouts. But letting Sonny Corinthos know that would mean the end of him. "I don't know for sure. I would assume they are. Everything I found out is in here." He put a folder on Sonny's desk. Sonny quickly looked through it, and was satisfied the P.I. did a thorough job. He opened up a desk drawer, and took out an envelope, which he handed to the man. "Here's your pay." The P.I. smiled, "thank you! If you need anything, please give me a call." Sonny simply nodded, and the man left. Sonny watched him go on one of the monitors, and noticed that he paused to look at Emily before he left. Sonny didn't like that at all, and wondered if it was more than just an admiring glance.

Emily watched the man leave and wondered who he was. She was quickly realizing that Sonny was involved in much more than just running a strip club. "Makes you wonder, doesn't it?" Vito spoke into her ear. "Excuse me?" "You're wondering what kind of business Sonny is really into, aren't you? You probably should have thought about that before you started fucking him." Emily rolled her eyes, "I'm not fucking him…or anyone else for that matter. Is that what your problem is with me? That I'm not fucking you?" Vito felt about two-feet tall. That was actually part of his problem with her. He knew a woman like Emily would never look twice at him…especially with a man like Sonny Corinthos around. Sonny Corinthos, the man who had it all: Good looks, money, power. Vito hated his guts, and the time was coming that he'd finally be able to do something about it.

Sonny saw them talking and told Jason to send Emily into his office. "Was Vito bothering you?" "Uh, no, he was just talking to me." "About what, me?" Sonny asked. "Actually, yes. He assumed you and I were…" "Were what?" "Sleeping together." Sonny couldn't help but smile. "Sleeping? You mean having sex?" Emily smiled too, "yeah, that." Sonny's smile vanished. "What did that pig say to you? Did he ask you if we were fucking each other? Did he whisper that word in your ear?!" Emily was alarmed. Sonny had gone from joking to enraged in two seconds flat. "It's OK Sonny." Sonny shook his head, "the hell it is! That piece of garbage was talking to you like that?! I'm going to fucking kill him!" Sonny stormed out of the office, leaving Emily shell-shocked. She had no love lost for Vito, but she didn't want the guy dead; and certainly not because of her. Then it occurred to her that Sonny wouldn't be so furious with Vito if he didn't have some sort of feelings for her. "He must!" she cried, and she ran out after him.


Chapter 7

When Emily ran out into the club, she didn't see Sonny confronting Vito. Instead, she saw Sonny surrounded by men in suits and a few uniformed policemen. One of the men had pulled Sonny's arms behind his back, and was putting handcuffs on him. "Sonny!" Emily cried out, and headed towards him. Strong arms stopped her cold. "Don't," Jason told her, holding her back. "Why are they arresting him?!" Emily asked, alarmed. Jason didn't reply. He wanted to know the answer to that question himself. Emily could do nothing but watch as Sonny was led out…and fight back the tears.

Jason waited until he knew the Feds had driven off with Sonny, and then he released Emily. "Can you help him?" Emily asked. "I'll find a way," Jason assured her. "I thought he was going after Vito…I can't believe…" "Why was he going after Vito?" Jason asked, realizing Vito must have slipped out of the club while they were all distracted by the police. "He didn't like the way Vito was talking to me," Emily replied. "He must care about me," she added, mostly to herself. Jason shrugged, "I guess. I really wouldn't know." "Doesn't he tell you everything?" Emily asked. "No; nothing personal." Emily remembered Sonny saying he was a private person when they'd first met. She also remembered him saying that he understood what it was like to be abused by someone. She assumed Jason knew nothing about that either. "Is there a lawyer we can call?" she asked Jason, getting her mind back on the current situation. "I'll handle it," he replied. "Can you handle things here?" Emily nodded; the least she could do was keep the club running while Sonny dealt with whatever mess he was in. Jason called Sonny's attorney as he got in his car. But rather than heading to the police station, he went looking for Vito, who conveniently disappeared right when Sonny was about to rip him apart...and right before the law showed up. That was too much of a coincidence for even Jason to miss.


Sonny sat in lock up, trying to breathe normally; a chore for him in enclosed spaces. In his adult life, he'd only been in jail once before, and that was only for one night. He'd never been convicted or sent to prison. This time, he wasn't sure it would be that easy. The Feds would never have arrested him without something big. "But how…I'm so careful…" Sonny mused. And then it hit him. "Vito, you son of a bitch."

Things were quiet at the club after Sonny's arrest. A police raid wasn't exactly conducive to business; the customers who were there left quickly, and very few came in afterwards. Emily discussed it with the bouncers, and they all decided to close up a bit early. Emily went to check that the back door was locked and that all the lights were out in Sonny's office and the other back rooms. She thought she heard a sound behind her…and then everything went black.


Chapter 8

It was the next morning before Jason showed up at the county jail to see Sonny. He took note of how Sonny looked…disheveled, and like he'd been up all night…but didn't comment on it. "Where the hell have you been?!" Sonny yelled through the Plexiglas divide in the visitation area. "I was looking for our friend," Jason quietly replied. Sonny calmed down, "oh. Good. You know he was behind this. I told you he was just waiting to get over on me." Jason nodded his head. "Yeah, that makes sense. I think he's skipped town…" "Or they've got him stashed somewhere," Sonny interrupted. "Call our guy at the Bureau and see if he has a read on the location." Jason nodded then asked, "what does he have on you?" Sonny shrugged, "He wasn't a part of anything; but he could have overheard us." Jason nodded; "overheard on purpose." "Yeah, and I bet he approached the Feds, not the other way around. In fact," Sonny paused, "he probably made some shit up so they'd bust me." Jason was hopeful that was the case. "You need to find him Jason…find him, and find out what he told them. My life depends on it." "Can your lawyer get you out on bail?" Jason asked. "He's working on it…but every minute I spend in here is a minute too many." Jason didn't understand. "I can't be locked up Jason," Sonny hesitantly explained; "it doesn't sit well with me." "You feel like you're in a cage, and can't get out, right? That's how I felt in the hospital," Jason replied, referring to his hospital stay after his car accident. "Yeah exactly. I'm trusting you to handle this Jason." Jason nodded his head, "you can trust me Sonny." He started to get up, but Sonny stopped him. "How's Emily?" Jason sat back down. "She was really upset last night. But then she seemed OK, and I left her there with the rest of the employees to finish out the night and close up." Sonny nodded his head. "Don't let her come here, OK? I don't want her to see me like this." Jason agreed, and then left. Sonny cringed as a guard came to lead him back to his cell.

When Emily woke up, she immediately recognized her surroundings. "No…no…no!!" She cried. She was on the bed, back in her old bedroom in the Cassadine mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. It was commonly referred to as "the summer cottage," and she and Nikolas had spent several summers there during their marriage. It was also the place where Nikolas had first taken off his belt, and beaten her with it. Emily shook with fear as she looked around. "Welcome home my darling." Nikolas Cassadine walked towards her; a triumphant smile on his face.

Morning was slow in arriving for Sonny, but when it did, it fortunately brought his arraignment hearing. Having no prior convictions, Sonny was released on one million dollars bail. It was excessive, but Sonny wouldn't let his attorney waste time trying to get it reduced. He just wanted out. He wanted to go see Emily in her room above Kelly's; he didn't want to wait any longer to tell her how he felt about her…if he could figure out the words to describe it. He knew he wanted to be with her, and not just for sex. He wanted to take care of her, and spend time with her, something he'd never felt with any other woman. He figured this was probably what everyone else called being in love, but he wasn't ready to admit that. "She probably won't want anything to do with me," he mused, since Emily hadn't made a move to get close to him either. Sonny's attorney dropped him off at Kelly's, and Sonny hurried inside. He was greeted by Tammy. "Sonny, you're out! I was worried when I heard you'd been busted." "Thanks, yeah, I guess Emily told you?" Sonny replied. Tammy shook her head, "no, one of the dock workers mentioned it earlier this morning. Actually…I haven't seen Emily. She must have gotten back really late last night…later than usual." Sonny thought that sounded strange. Where would Emily have gone after closing up the club? "I'm going up to see her," he stated. Tammy didn't object. Usually, non-residents weren't allowed upstairs, but the usual rules didn't apply to Sonny Corinthos. He went wherever he wanted in Port Charles. She told Sonny which room was Emily's, and he hurried up the stairs.

The morning found Emily exactly as she was throughout the entire night…sitting up on the bed keeping an eye out for Nikolas. After initially showing himself to her, and telling her how he knew he'd treated her badly but things were going to be different now, Nikolas had left the room so she could sleep. But she didn't sleep, not trusting him to keep his distance. She vowed that no matter what it took, Nikolas Cassadine would never lay a hand on her again…neither to caress her, nor to beat her. Her mind went to the only man whose hands she wanted to touch her, and she prayed he wouldn't spend too much time in jail.

Already concerned by what Tammy had told him, Sonny quickly became alarmed when Emily didn't answer his knock. Not even thinking to ask Tammy for the key, Sonny lowered his shoulder and rammed the door. It opened after he whacked it two more times. Inside, he found no Emily, and a bed that clearly hadn't been slept in. He knew something was terribly wrong. Then his cell phone rang. "Emily?!" he answered. "Uh, no, it's Jason. I have our friend." Sonny hurried off to meet Jason where he indicated, certain that Vito had a hand in Emily's disappearance.


Chapter 9

"You just need some time to readjust to being back with me," Nikolas told Emily after a servant brought in her breakfast. Emily scowled at him, but didn't reply. She didn't know if it was better to stay silent, or to tell him the truth…that she'd never readjust to being with an abusive pig like him. Nikolas stared at her in frustration. "Say something!" he yelled. "Or what?" she yelled back; "you'll beat me again?!" Nikolas motioned downward. "I'm not even wearing a belt Emily." Emily wasn't reassured. "You've got two fists Nikolas…or have you forgotten how you used those on me too? Oh but, you preferred the belt didn't you? Because you could feel like it wasn't really you hitting me." Nikolas reeled from her words; every one of them was the truth. He turned and left the room. Emily took some large gulps of air and tried to calm down. "I have to get out of here," she stated to the empty room.

Back in Port Charles, Vito was in agony. Tied to a chair, with half the bones in his body probably already broken, he knew his death would be prolonged and torturous. Jason contacted a federal agent on the organization's payroll as Sonny instructed, and that agent led him to where Vito was being held. Then, he got the other agents to take a coffee break while Jason nabbed Vito. Vito had already given Jason all the information he could about the case the Feds had against Sonny. Most of it was built on false information, and without Vito's perjurous testimony, Sonny would walk away. Being beaten to death by Jason was bad enough, but when Sonny arrived, Vito got even more terrified. Jason was all business; with Sonny it was about to get personal. Sonny strode right over to Vito and hit him across the face…hard. "Where is she?" he demanded. Vito spit out some blood and a couple of teeth. "Who?" Sonny hit him again. "You know who! You'd better tell me…" Sonny turned to Jason, who was also wondering who Sonny was talking about. "You got a knife?" Sonny asked. Jason nodded, and walked over to a duffle bag lying on a nearby table. He returned with a very large hunting knife. Vito soiled himself. "Cut off a finger," Sonny told Jason. "You got it boss," Jason replied. He stepped over to Vito and selected a digit. "Wait!" Vito yelled. Jason paused and looked at Sonny. Sonny bent down to be face to face with their prey. "We already know what you did with the Feds, and I know why. You've always resented me. I get that. But messing with Emily…I'm gonna make you hurt…for days…and keep you alive, suffering." Vito shook his head violently, "I didn't touch her, I swear!!" "Jason…" Jason put the knife on the selected finger. "I swear!!" Sonny didn't believe him. Jason cut Vito's finger off. Vito let out an enormous scream. "Now, do we pick something else to cut off, or are you going to tell me where Emily is?" Sonny asked. "I didn't do it…please!" "Cut off his dick," Sonny told Jason. "I swear to God Mr. Corinthos!" Vito kept yelling. "I didn't touch her. I didn't take her. I didn't…I didn't!!!" Jason looked at Sonny, "can I speak with you?"

The two men stepped away from Vito, who kept yelling "I didn't!" "I think he's telling the truth," Jason said. "What makes you say that?" Sonny asked. Jason shrugged, "just my experience doing this. Usually, even if a guy knows he's going to die, he'd rather not lose his dick. That's pretty much the surefire way to get the truth out of someone. Plus, he's given me everything I asked about the Feds. No reason for him to lie now." Sonny nodded his head. "OK. But that leaves me with a dead end on Emily." "What happened?" Jason asked. "She never made it home last night," Sonny told him. "I just know something bad has happened to her. But if it wasn't Vito…" Sonny's face registered a realization. "Did you think of someone else?" Jason wondered. "Yeah, I sure did. I need to go Jason. You finish off our friend here, and make sure the Feds never find what's left of him." "They've got no case without him," Jason proudly stated. "Yeah…that's great…" Sonny mumbled, hardly caring about the case against him.

Sonny hurried to The Paradise Lounge to retrieve his gun and the folder of information the P.I. had given him on Emily's background. He now knew that the Cassadines, probably her husband, had kidnapped her. It was the only thing that made sense. The thought of what Nikolas Cassadine might be doing to her made him feel violently ill, but there was no time for that now. After collecting the items from the club, Sonny headed over to the condo where the P.I. lived. He was a possible link to the Cassadines; they may have followed him back to Port Charles. And Sonny needed him to narrow down where they could have taken Emily; they owned many properties in the U.S. and abroad. The P.I. was disturbed, to say the least, to find Sonny Corinthos at his door. "Mr. Corinthos?" Sonny pushed past him and inside. "Emily Bowen is missing," he began. His gun was digging into his lower back, where he had tucked it inside his belt, so he reached back and retrieved it. The P.I. automatically assumed Sonny knew of his deception, and fell to his knees. "Please…Mr. Corinthos…have mercy on me…" Sonny felt a cold chill wash over him. "You told them where she was?" The P.I. felt like a fool; Sonny hadn't known, but did now. The P.I. could do nothing but nod his head. Sonny cocked the gun, and put it up to his forehead and asked, "where…did…they…take…her?" The P.I. told him, and Sonny pulled the trigger.


Chapter 10

Emily was relieved that Nikolas had left her alone most of the day. She had tried all the windows and doors but found them all locked…the windows were barred as well. Servants came in the room occasionally, and she begged each one of them to help her escape. They all ignored her pleas. They were all loyal to the House of Cassadine. After they brought her an early supper, and then cleared the tray, Nikolas returned. "It's time for you to start acting like my wife again," he declared. Shivers went up Emily's spine. "I'll never let you touch me again Nikolas," she swore. "You don't have a choice," he replied. "I'm stronger than you are. I will take what is mine." He locked the door behind him, and started towards her on the bed. Emily looked around for something to use as a weapon, but found nothing. "Leave me alone!" she screamed.

Sonny stealthily let himself into the mansion through a basement window that had been left open for ventilation. He made his way up to the main level, and saw two servants in the foyer...a man and a woman. He took out his gun, to which he had attached a silencer, and approached them. They both turned and saw him, and immediately put their hands up in the air. "A robber!" the woman declared. Sonny smiled, "not even close. Where is Emily Bowen?" The man glanced at the woman to indicate she should keep silent, and then looked back at Sonny. Sonny shot him in the chest and he fell to the ground. The woman stifled a scream. Sonny trained the gun on her. "Tell me where she is, and I'll let you live." "I'll show you," the woman replied, and started leading Sonny up the stairs.

"No!!" Emily screamed, fighting against Nikolas as hard as she could. She figured if he was fending off her blows, he couldn't do what was necessary to rape her. Sonny heard her voice as they hurried down the hall. "Open that door!" Sonny demanded, putting the gun to the woman's temple. With shaking hands, she took out the house keys and fumbled with them. "Give me that," Sonny said, grabbing them; figuring he could open the door faster than her. "Get out of here," he growled, and the woman ran off. "Stop fighting me!" Nikolas roared, and raised his hand to hit Emily. In an instant, the door flew open and a bullet went through his hand. "Argh!!!!!!!" Nikolas yelled, and turned to see who had shot him. Sonny fired again, and shot him right between the eyes. Nikolas collapsed down onto the bed, and then fell off onto the floor. Emily had curled herself into a tight ball as soon as she saw a bullet hit Nikolas' hand. She remained in the fetal position…too afraid to move. Sonny ran over to her, stepping on Nikolas' dead body. "Emily!" Emily moved her head at the sound of Sonny's voice. Could it really be him? She opened her eyes and looked up. "Sonny?" Sonny smiled, "yeah sweetheart, it's me. Come on, we need to get out of here." He assumed other servants, and probably other Cassadines, would be descending on them at any moment. "Can you walk?" he asked. Emily nodded her head, and took Sonny's hand. He helped her off the bed, and Emily looked down at Nikolas on the ground. "I had no choice," Sonny quietly told her. Emily nodded again. "I know." Then, she spit on Nikolas. Sonny tried not to laugh. "Come on," he said, leading her out of the room.

Sonny put his arm around Emily's waist and guided her down the stairs. There, they were confronted by several more servants; one was holding a shot gun. "I'm willing to die to save her," Sonny told him. "Are you willing to die to keep her here?" "I am loyal to the House of Cassadine," the man replied. "Well, that's just plain dumb," Sonny stated and shot the man. The shotgun fell to the ground, and then the man fell as well. Sonny looked at the others. "Anyone else want to die for the House of Cassadine?" They all shook their heads, and stepped aside. "Any Cassadines around?" Sonny asked one of them. "No sir. Only Prince Nikolas." Sonny snorted. "Yeah, well I think Prince Nikolas needs you upstairs." Sonny & Emily walked out the front door as the servants scurried up the stairs.

They didn't speak until they had safely driven away from the house. "I'm sorry you had to see all that," Sonny said. "I'm sure you don't feel too safe with me right now either. But as soon as we get back to Port Charles, I'll leave you alone. I promise." Emily studied his handsome face. "Do I get a say in this?" Sonny turned his head momentarily to look at her, and then turned back to the road. "After what he did to you…what I'm sure he did…I'm the last thing you need." Emily shook her head. "He didn't do anything. Well, he was trying, but then you came in and stopped him. But before that he left me alone." Sonny was stunned but thrilled. "All the way here…all I could think of was him hurting you. It made me sick to my stomach." Emily smiled, "I'm OK Sonny. And thanks to you, I never have to worry about Nikolas hurting me again. Now…tell me about you. Are you going to prison?" Sonny smiled, "well that depends. Are you giving me a reason to fight to stay out?" Emily laughed, "somehow I doubt that's up to me, but if you're asking if I want to be with you Sonny…the answer is yes. I want that more than anything."


Chapter 11

Sonny couldn't contain his joy at her words. A huge smile broke out on his face. "Wow," Emily commented; "I don't think I've seen you smile like that." "I've had no reason to," Sonny replied; "no reason through my entire life. Not until you walked into my office that day." Emily's heart fluttered. "Did you know right away that you liked me?" she asked. Sonny laughed. "Liked you? Baby, I wanted to put you on my desk and fuck you senseless. I thought you were the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He turned his head to glance at her. "I think…not thought," he corrected himself so she wouldn't think he saw her any differently now. Emily smiled. "Do you want to know what I thought when I first met you?" Sonny nodded his head. "I was terrified." Sonny's smile faded. "No…not terrified because you were scary. Terrified because you were the sexiest man I'd ever met, and I knew I wanted you from the start. But I was afraid all we'd ever have was a sexual thing, you know? And then…you saw the marks on my back, and I believed you didn't even want to touch me." Sonny shook his head, "no, no, no, no, no…you misunderstood me. When I saw those marks, it reminded me of where I came from." Sonny took a deep breath before continuing. "My father left us…my mother and me…when I was six years old. My mother remarried, to a disgusting pig cop named Deke." Sonny fought the urge to spit. "He beat you," Emily stated. "Yeah. He started on my mother, and I decided to distract him. Pretty soon, he'd leave her alone and just get his jollies whupping my ass." Emily's eyes filled with tears. "I'm so sorry Sonny. There's nothing worse than feeling defenseless. I know." "Yeah, but I'm not defenseless now. No one fucks with me, or they pay the price." "Like Vito?" Emily asked. Sonny glanced at her again. "What do you know about that?" "Well, just that you were poised to kill him when the cops showed up. I was partially grateful you got arrested." Sonny gripped the wheel tightly. "Oh yeah? Why is that? You got a soft spot for Vito?" Emily couldn't miss the jealousy in his voice. "Are you serious? You really think I'd want him…or any other man for that matter…when I could have you?" Sonny burst out laughing. "Sweetheart, that was the perfect answer!" Emily laughed as well, and then got serious. "I didn't want you killing Vito because of me…because of something he said to me. It wasn't worth the trouble it could bring on you." Sonny shrugged, "yeah well now Vito's dead anyway…and Nikolas is dead…and there's no one to hurt you anymore."

Emily assumed Sonny had killed Vito, but decided to let it go. "He must have had his reasons," she silently mused. "So what now?" she asked Sonny. "What about you getting arrested?" "Without Vito, they have no case. The bastard gave them false information about me." Emily felt a strange sense of peace; Sonny hadn't killed Vito because of her after all. "Which is great," Sonny continued, "because being locked up is really hard for me." "Why is that?" "Well, because of my stepfather. He used to lock me in the closet before he'd beat me. He knew I suffered more when he did that." Emily felt very sad. "I'm so sorry Sonny." Sonny shrugged, "what can you do. It's one of those things I just have to live with." "So…what now?" she asked again. "Well, I think first we get you home so you can get cleaned up, rest…" "I don't want to rest Sonny," Emily interrupted. "How about we go to your home? I can get cleaned up there, and then, you can make love to me." Sonny almost drove off the road.


Chapter 12

Sonny pulled the car into the breakdown lane and put it in park. He released his seat belt and turned to face Emily. "Say what?" "I said I want you to take me home and make love to me." "That's what I thought you said," Sonny replied staring at her. "So…don't you want to?" Emily asked, worried he was changing his mind about wanting to be with her. "Of course I do…it's just…" "Just what?" "Just, I've never done it before." Emily laughed…and Sonny kept staring at her. "Sonny come on…I know for a fact that's not true. Among other things, I saw Ginger come out of your office." Sonny gave her a puzzled look. "Huh? What does Ginger have to do with anything?" "I know you had sex with her…the other day." "Well you're wrong, but that's beside the point anyway." "I'm wrong? You didn't have sex with her?" "No. She came in my office, wanted me to fuck her, and I turned her down." Emily's heart soared; "you did? Why?" "Because she wasn't you."

"Sonny…" Emily sighed. Sonny leaned over and took her face in his hand. "I'm gonna kiss you now," he warned. "Please do," she replied. He ran his thumb over her lips and she parted them. Then he captured her mouth with his. His kiss was strong yet soft. His tongue slipped inside and sought out hers. Emily felt her toes curl. Sonny tried to get closer, but the gear shift jabbed him in the gut. "Damn it," he muttered against her mouth. He pulled back. "I can't kiss you right in this car." Emily smiled, "seemed pretty right to me. I can't imagine you doing any better." Sonny wiped his fingers over his mouth. "Oh believe me I can do a lot better…and a lot more." Emily shivered with desire for him. Then her mind snapped back to the conversation they were having before the kiss. "See! So you just admitted you've made love before!" Sonny shook his head, "you don't understand. I've been with a lot of women. I've taken them on the ride of their lives. I've been told…and I believe it…that I'm a great lover." Emily blushed at his words. Sonny continued, "but when I'm with a woman, I get busy…you know? I mean…I give it to her good. But it's not making love." Finally Emily realized what he was telling her. "Are you saying you love me?" Sonny started the car up and looked straight ahead again. "I'm saying I've never made love to a woman before…read into that whatever you want." He pulled the car back onto the road as Emily readjusted her seat belt and thought to herself, "well I choose to read into it that you love me Sonny Corinthos. Which is a good thing," she glanced at him and continued her thoughts…"because I love you too."


Chapter 13

Sonny drove up to the front of a large mansion, and turned off the engine. Emily looked out the window and her jaw dropped open. "You live here?" "Yup," Sonny replied, opening his door and getting out of the car. He hurried around to the passenger side, where one of his employees was already reaching for the door handle. "I got it Max." The man took a step back. "Welcome back boss." Sonny opened the door for Emily and took her hand to help her out. Emily was still staring at the house. "I had no idea…" Sonny smiled; he was glad she was impressed. "Max, this is Ms. Bowen," Sonny briefly introduced them. "Get the front door." Max walked quickly to the door. "I've never seen him before," Emily mentioned. "Yeah, he usually stays here." They entered the house. The inside was as impressive as the outside. "Do you need anything boss?" Max asked. "Some dinner would be good," Sonny replied. Max went off to the kitchen. "So he's your butler?" Emily asked. Sonny laughed. "Baby, I'm from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. We don't have butlers. He's…he helps me out." Max managed Sonny's estate and was a personal bodyguard as well. He was as fiercely loyal to Sonny as Jason was. In an effort to keep The Paradise Lounge totally legit, and a cover for the rest of his criminal empire, Sonny kept most of his men away from it; which is how Sonny knew that Vito must have given the Feds false information on him.

"I'll show you to a guest room, where you can take a shower, relax, whatever you want," Sonny told Emily. Emily grabbed his arm. "You know what I want, Sonny. Come with me." "Uh…I have to make some phone calls," Sonny nervously replied. "I don't get it," Emily stated. "You just told me how much you want to be with me. Why are you avoiding it?" Sonny headed up the stairs, "come on, I'll show you up." Emily sighed in exasperation but went after him. Max reappeared at the bottom of the stairs, and Sonny told him, "get my attorney on the phone, I'll be right down." Max nodded his head and headed for Sonny's study. Sonny & Emily reached a guest room, and Sonny led her inside. "I hope this is OK." "It's beautiful," Emily said looking around. "The bathroom's right in there. There's a steam shower; a whirlpool tub. Everything you need is in there. I'll have dinner brought up to you later." "Sonny, stay with me," Emily pleaded. Sonny finally looked her in the eyes. "I can't Emily. You need to rest. After everything, the last thing you need is me pawing all over you." "It won't be like that!" Emily exclaimed. "How do you know? I told you, I don't know how to do it any other way. Every instinct in me is screaming to get in that shower with you and…" "So far it sounds pretty good," Emily interrupted. Sonny shook his head, "no, no, no…I want to ravage you Emily. I'm too violent…there's too much violence in me. I'm a bad man." Emily shook her head. "I don't believe that for a minute. And just because you like sex a little rough, doesn't make you violent. Making love is about how you feel about the person. If you care for me then no matter what we do in bed we'll be making love. I just want to be with you Sonny." Sonny kept shaking his head, "nope. I'm not taking that chance. Not yet…" he turned, and left her.


Chapter 14

Emily decided to use the steam shower anyway. While in it, she imagined Sonny was with her and that he was holding her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and he drove into her. He did it hard and fast and she loved it. "I have to find someway to get through to him," she told herself. She understood his fears. He was a victim of abuse just as she was, and he knew her only experience with a man was with one who got violent with her. He never wanted to be in the same category as Nikolas…or his stepfather. She understood all that. "He should talk to someone about it," she mused. And then she laughed; "get real Emily! A tough guy like Sonny would never go to therapy!" No, she was going to have to be patient with him, and hope he wanted her so badly he would have to take a chance on being with her.

Downstairs, Sonny was happy to hear from his attorney that all the charges against him would be dismissed for lack of evidence. The Feds knew Sonny had eliminated Vito, but couldn't prove it or anything else. Next, Sonny called Jason to let him know he was back with Emily, and that everything was all right. Jason was relieved. "She loves you," he told Sonny. "What makes you say that?" "It seemed pretty obvious to me…and, if you don't mind me saying…you love her too." "What does a man like me know about love Jason?" Sonny snapped. "OK…whatever…it's none of my business. I'll come by in the morning," Jason replied, not wanting to cross a line with Sonny. "Yeah, right," Sonny said slamming down the phone. "Your dinner is ready," Max informed him. "Bring some up to Ms. Bowen," Sonny ordered him; "I'm not hungry." "Uh…" Max hesitated. Sonny turned to face him, and yelled, "what's the matter with you? I just told you to bring some up to her!" Max was afraid of Sonny yelling at him, but was more afraid of seeing the boss' woman in a state of undress. "Sir, I could hear she's taking a shower. I don't want to see anything I shouldn't." Sonny calmed down, "good point. Cause then I'd have to kill you." Max gave him a nervous smile. "I'll take it up," Sonny added.

When Sonny reached Emily's room and went in, he could hear the shower was still running. He put down the tray of food and looked at the open bathroom door. He knew it was an invitation to join her. He shut the door to the room and walked towards the bathroom. Thinking he heard her voice, he stepped closer. "Sonny," he heard her moan. He immediately got hard. He stepped even closer. "Just like that Sonny!" Emily cried as she rubbed her pussy. She was still pretending Sonny was in the shower with her, and was trying to bring herself to climax. Sonny peered through the glass and saw Emily bracing herself with one hand on the wall, the other between her legs. She was bent forward, giving Sonny full view of her shapely ass. He thought he would lose his mind. "Fuck it!" he growled and started stripping off his clothes.


Chapter 15

Emily didn't react when she heard the shower door open, except to smile to herself. "That took less time than I thought it would," she thought. Sonny moved in behind her and reached around to put his hand on top of hers. Together, they kept rubbing her pussy. "I think you need some help there," he growled in her ear. "I do," Emily breathlessly replied. "I need a lot of help." Sonny kissed her neck, and then the side of her face. Emily turned her head so he could kiss her on the mouth. As they kissed, Sonny ground his manhood against her ass. "Ooh..." Emily moaned after he released her mouth. "Feels like you've got something there for me Sonny." "Yeah, I got something big for you. Are you ready for it? No…wait, I should get you ready…" Sonny started to lower himself down to his knees. He'd never performed oral sex on a woman before, but knew he should with Emily…he knew he wanted to. "No Sonny wait!" Emily stopped him. He straightened back up and put his mouth next to her ear. "Don't you want it?" Emily smiled, "most definitely, but we have all night right?" "Yeah." "Right now, I want you inside of me. Believe me, I'm more than ready." Sonny groaned. He was powerless to argue with her, since he wanted to be inside her more than he'd ever wanted anything in his life.

He leaned back a bit, took a hold of his huge engorged cock, and guided it into her pussy. "Bend forward a bit more," he whispered. Emily did, and he slipped in with ease. "Ooooooh!!" Emily cried. He felt so big inside of her, she felt like she'd cum instantly. "Oh shit Emily!" Sonny moaned. "Give it to me baby," Emily ordered. Sonny gladly complied. He wrapped one arm around Emily's waist and started thrusting. Emily put her other hand on the wall as well to help brace herself. But as Emily suspected he didn't get carried away. He filled up her fully with every stroke, but wasn't being rough at all. She smiled in triumph and said, "you feel so good Sonny. You make love to me so good…" Sonny caressed Emily's breasts with his free hand; the other rubbed her clit. "Emily…Emily…Emily…" he repeatedly whispered. "Sonny!" Emily cried, on the verge of exploding. He thrust a bit harder and she came with volcanic force. "Yes!!!!!!!" she wailed. Sonny turned her head to the side again so he could kiss her when he found his release. When he came he moaned against her mouth, "I love you Emily."

Later, they lay on the bed together. "I didn't say anything when you told me you loved me," Emily began, "because I was kind of unable to speak at the moment." Sonny smiled and kissed her, "that's OK." "But I want you to know that I do love you Sonny. I never knew love could feel like this." "But you loved Cassadine didn't you?" Sonny reluctantly asked. "Well I thought I did, but I realize that what I felt for him was more like gratitude. He was a Prince, and he wanted me. I was so flattered. It was like a fairytale." "How did you meet?" "In High School. It was a private school…of course, since he was Prince he wouldn't be in public school. I was one of a few underprivileged kids who got to go there. It was a charity kind of thing." "Your family was poor?" Sonny asked. He already knew they were from the background report he had gotten from the P.I., but didn't let on. Emily nodded, "yeah. Actually, it was just me and my mom. My father was killed years before." "How?" Sonny inquired, knowing the answer to that as well. "He was drunk and driving. Luckily, he didn't hurt anyone else." "Sorry," Sonny said, realizing they had even more in common than he thought. His father had problems with alcohol too…as well as gambling. "I got really good grades in grammar school, so I was selected to be one of the kids from the public system that could go to the new private school for free. And that's where I met him." "Well I can understand you getting together with him…it was a way out for you." Emily was happy he understood. "Exactly." "That's what the mob was for me," Sonny stated. Emily felt a chill. She knew he was into something illegal, but hadn't quite labeled him as a mobster in her mind. "You're in the mob?" she quietly asked for confirmation. Sonny looked into her eyes and replied, "I am the mob."


Chapter 16

Emily remained silent and let Sonny explain. "I'm not just in the mob Emily. I'm a boss. I have my own territory. That means I answer to no one." "I see," Emily replied. "Do you? Do you really see? Do you now understand what I meant when I said I was a bad man? That there's violence in me? This is my life Emily; this is who I am." Emily tried to digest what he was telling her, and he mistook her silence for rejection. He started to get out of the bed. "I'm sorry. I should have told you all of this sooner, before you let me…I'm sorry." Emily reached out and grabbed his arm. "Where do you think you're going?" "Well obviously, you can't handle who I am…and I understand. So I'll leave you to go to sleep." "Don't you think I should decide what I can and can't handle?" Emily asked. "Besides, you owe me something buddy." Sonny was confused, "what's that?" Emily gave him a sly smile. "Oh it was something about you getting me ready…I think you were going to use your mouth on a certain part of me." Sonny stared at her. "Are you serious?" "Very. I don't think a woman should joke about a gorgeous man offering to go down on her." Sonny smiled, "you're a naughty girl." Emily laughed, "you make me want to be one. But you're going to have to show me how…and show me what happens to naughty girls." Sonny wiped his hand across his mouth. "Woman, you're seriously asking for it."

He crawled on top of Emily, pushing her down on the bed. He kissed her slow and long. Then he asked, "are you really OK with everything?" Emily nodded. "Yes Sonny. I love you…all of you." Sonny felt like crying with relief, but held it together. He slid down Emily's body. "That's it…keep going," she whispered. Sonny chuckled. "Not so fast…I've got other plans too." Emily pouted, "don't take too long with those other plans." Sonny zeroed in on her breasts. "Do you think I could ignore these beautiful nipples?" he asked, taking one breast in each hand. "Oh shit…" Emily said, knowing he was about to torture her. Sonny lowered his head and took one nipple in his mouth. He sucked it softly, but with steady pressure, slightly pulling at it. Emily felt the wetness building between her legs. "Oh damn that's just too good," she moaned. Sonny kept working on the nipple for a few more minutes…then he switched to the other one. Emily was now squirming beneath him. "Is this how you punish me for being naughty?" she gasped. Sonny replied, "uh-uh," with his mouth full. "OK…you've made your point. I promise to never be naughty again!" Sonny stopped and looked up at her. "Don't you like it?" "Uh yeah, I like it, but you're killing me here!" Sonny laughed. "OK…OK." He slid down to between her legs, which Emily eagerly opened up for him. Sonny slipped two finger inside of her and started lapping at her pussy with long, firm strokes of his tongue. Emily arched her back and moaned, "yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"


Chapter 17

They'd been making love for hours. Sonny was showing Emily how to be naughty over and over again. He'd made her cum with his mouth, and then she returned the favor. While she'd given head before, Nikolas was no where near the size of Sonny, so she had to work a little harder at it. Sonny guided her along, telling when to use her hand, when to use her tongue. When he finally exploded into her mouth, Emily felt very proud of herself. Sonny kissed her, and caressed her body until he got hard. And then, he got on top of her and made love to her again. Now, he was spooned behind Emily, recovering. "You're such a good lover," Emily sighed. Sonny's cock throbbed to life against her ass. "Oh my God are you kidding me?!" she cried; "you're ready again?" Sonny laughed, "what can I say sweetheart? You make me hard without even trying." Emily was tired, but still wanted more of him. "Show me another position Sonny." Sonny gathered two pillows together and guided Emily to lie on top of them face down, her ass propped up in the air. "Oh yeah, that's it," he muttered. He got on his knees behind her, and between her legs. Taking her ass in his strong hands, he massaged it. "Mmmmm….what are you planning to do to me?" Emily moaned. She honestly had no concerns about anything Sonny wanted to do to her. She trusted him implicitly. All thoughts and memories of the abuse she suffered at Nikolas' hands were gone from her mind. She just wanted to be with Sonny; as much as possible and in any way he wanted. She teasingly added, "you can spank me if you want Sonny." "Don't…" Sonny shook his head, "don't even start..." As enticing as that sounded…a few playful slaps never hurt anyone…Sonny wasn't ready for anything like that yet.

Instead Sonny lowered his head and started feasting on her pussy again as he continued to rub her ass. "Eeeeeeee!!!!!" Emily squealed with delight. She didn't think she'd ever get enough of his mouth on her. "Don't even try to tell me you've never done that before," she joked. Sonny replied to her without stopping, "I hadn't." Emily looked back at him again. "You are kidding! You've never performed oral sex on a woman before tonight?" "That's right," Sonny answered in between licks. "Well, you're a damn natural baby." Sonny laughed, moving up to almost lay on top of her. Supporting his weight on one elbow, he guided his cock into her pussy with his free hand. Then he put the other elbow down on the bed and started thrusting into her. In this position, he could kiss her as long as she kept her head turned to the side. "Mmmm, mmm, mmm," Emily moaned against his mouth. "Can I do it harder?" Sonny asked, after releasing her lips. "Oh yes…do it harder!" He did, no longer afraid he would hurt her; he knew she would never see him as a man like her dead husband…or his step father. He slammed into her, her firm ass cushioning his thrusts. "It's so fucking good," he growled into her ear. "The best Sonny…the best!!" Emily cried in reply.


Chapter 18

The next morning, Jason showed up at the mansion to meet with Sonny. Max gave him coffee and told him to make himself comfortable…Sonny would be awhile. "Is he OK," Jason asked. Max smiled, "more than OK. He's just been busy…with Ms. Bowen." Jason raised his eyebrows, "ah, got it." He sipped his coffee, and then asked, "this is good right? I mean the boss and Emily." Max nodded, "I think so. It's different than with any other woman…I mean…he's never brought a woman back here." Jason nodded and stated matter-of-factly, "yeah, he usually fucks them in his office at the club. I'm just worried now that he's in love…" "That he won't be the same tough-ass?" Max joked. Jason smiled, "yeah, something like that."

Upstairs, Sonny had woken Emily up by going down on her again. She'd been dreaming about him so it took a while to realize she was now awake and being pleasured by him for real. "Sonny!" she gasped. Sonny paused, looked up at her and said, "good morning sweetheart." "Good morning," she replied, watching him return to what he was doing. "You are a nymphomaniac," she informed him. Sonny moved up her body, sucking quickly on her nipples as he went past. "I can't be…that's for women only." "So what do you call a guy that can't get enough?" Emily asked. Sonny looked like he was deep in thought, and then answered, "a guy?" Emily burst out laughing. Sonny took her mouth into a deep kiss as he slid his cock into her. "Look ma…no hands," he joked against her lips. Emily reached down and grabbed his tight ass in her hands. She pushed at him. "Get moving pal!" Sonny thrust into her hard and quick. "The mornings are for quickies," he informed her. "I certainly hope so," she retorted. "If we did a repeat of last night, we'd never make it to work later today!"

Jason paced at the bottom of the stairs. He had business to discuss with Sonny, and was getting a bit upset that he hadn't come down yet. Of course, he'd never voice that to Sonny. He stopped pacing at the sound of voices, and thought he heard Emily screaming out Sonny's name. "Shit, I need to get laid," Jason thought.

It was another half hour before Sonny came downstairs. Jason was on his fourth cup of coffee. "Oh Jason sorry, I forgot we were meeting this morning." "You had things to do," Jason replied. Sonny smiled, "I sure did. So what's up?" "There are some rumblings with the men," Jason informed him. "They're nervous about you getting arrested; about what Vito told the Feds." "So, you reassured them," Sonny stated. Jason nodded, "yeah, but I think they need to hear it from you." Sonny got angry, "Jesus Jason. They all know you speak for me…that I don't talk to them directly! Talk about giving the Feds something to sink their teeth into. That's all I need, to be caught having a meeting to calm down a bunch of scared pussies!" Emily had just emerged from the bedroom, and stopped at the sound of voices. She was out of sight in the hallway just before the staircase. "I know Sonny, but they think I'm bullshitting them…I don't know…" "I have to fucking do everything!" Sonny yelled. Max ran over to see what was wrong. "Take care of Emily," Sonny bellowed at him, and walked out the door with Jason. Emily ran down the stairs. "Where is he going?!" she anxiously asked Max. "No way am I telling you miss; stay out of it," Max sternly replied. "You heard him Max! It's dangerous for him to meet with the men. The Feds must be watching him…he could get arrested again!" Emily went for the front door, and Max grabbed her. "I can't let you go after him!" he yelled. "Let go of me!" Emily yelled back. "He'll kill me!" Max tried to explain. "And if I tell him you were groping me? How do you think he'll react then?" Max released her as if she were on fire. "Miss, please, I'm begging you…" "Look, I understand you're in a bad position here Max. But your only choice is to take me to where this meeting is, because I'm going after him if I have to search through every building on the waterfront." "How did you know…" Max began, wondering how she knew the Sonny's men usually worked out of a warehouse on the waterfront. "Lucky guess," Emily said, smiling. She opened the front door, and ran out. "God help me," Max prayed, and ran after her.


Chapter 19

Sonny strode into the warehouse, with Jason following closely behind. About 15 men were milling about talking amongst themselves. "Shut up!" Jason yelled. The men all fell silent and gathered together. Sonny stood before them. "So…Jason tells me some of you are concerned about the bust." Several men nodded their heads. "He also tells me that he told you everything was under control. So that begs the question, why am I here?" No one replied. "Apparently, you don't think my time is as valuable as I do. And I guess you don't care that this meeting could be the exact thing the Feds are looking for to bust me again." The men started shifting uncomfortably; it was clear the boss was getting worked up. Max and Emily approached the door to the warehouse. On the ride over, Max tried repeatedly to talk her out of going there, but Emily was determined to make sure Sonny was all right. "We need to wait here," Max said stopping her from going in. They could both hear Sonny's voice, which had now built up to a bellow. "So either," he continued, "you're insulting me or you want to see me get pinched again! Which is it?!" Everyone stayed silent. Sonny stepped closer to one man. "Answer me!" he yelled in the man's face. "I…I…I…" the man stammered. Sonny moved on to the next man, "how about you? You were all full of talk when I walked in here. Which is it? Do you think it's OK to drag me down here to wipe your asses? Or do you want me to go to prison for 20 years? Huh?!" That man didn't reply either. Sonny looked back at Jason, "they all seem to have lost the ability to speak." Jason nodded his head, "can you blame them? You're scaring me." Sonny laughed, which calmed his rage a bit.

Max studied Emily's face as they listened. She didn't seem too upset by Sonny's temper. Then he thought about what Sonny was going to do to him for bringing Emily there. "That'll make this look like nothing," he muttered. "What?" Emily whispered. "I was just thinking about how I've had a good life…" "He's not going to kill you Max," Emily assured him. "And you know this, how?" Max replied. "Shhh, he's talking again," Emily stated. "I'm going to say this once, and only once gentlemen. When Jason tells you that I said everything's OK…everything's OK. I'm handling the situation. If anyone thinks I can't handle the situation, say so now." No one spoke. "Of course, I'll kick your fucking ass, but feel free to step up," Sonny added. Jason stifled a laugh. "I'll take your silence as an indication that I'm being understood," Sonny continued. "Now, get back to business and stop wasting my damn time!"

The men all scrambled. Some ran out the front door nearly knocking Max and Emily over. "Thanks for doing that," Jason told Sonny. "I know you'd rather be home with Emily right now." "Damn straight," Sonny told him with a grin. Then, he noticed Emily in the doorway. "What the hell?" Walking over to her he called out, "what are you doing here? Didn't I tell Max to take care of you at the house?" Then Sonny saw Max. His eyes went black, and then he saw red. "You…you brought her down here? Do you want to die?"


Chapter 20

Max stammered, trying to formulate an explanation. Emily saved his bacon. "I insisted he bring me here Sonny. I told him if he didn't, I'd come anyway by myself. He had no choice." Sonny believed her but wasn't ready to let Max off the hook that easily. "Wait inside for me," he growled. Max scurried in and went over to Jason who asked him, "need to go change your underwear there Max?"

"Why are you here?" Sonny asked Emily. "I overhead you at the house with Jason," she began. "Overheard?" Sonny interrupted; "you mean eavesdropped?" Emily sighed, "yes, but not on purpose. I was coming downstairs and you were meeting with Jason, so I waited a minute." Sonny thought she was splitting hairs, but let it go. "Anyway," she continued, "I heard you say you could get arrested again for having this meeting, so I wanted to make sure you were OK. I forced Max to help me." "Did he even try to stop you?" Sonny asked. "Yes. He tried to block me from leaving," Emily answered, leaving out how Max had grabbed her to block her from leaving. "But then I told him I would tell you he groped me if he didn't get out of my way." "Did he?" "Get out of my way? Yes." "No…grope you." "Of course not!" "Well, I'm just saying…" Sonny muttered, figuring that any man who had the chance would grope her. "Don't change the subject!" Emily wanted to finish her "confession." "Go on," Sonny said. "So then I told him that I was going to find you myself if he didn't take me…so here we are."

"This can never happen again Emily," Sonny scolded. "You need to stay out of my business. I want you to promise me." Emily shook her head. "I can't do that. If I think you're in trouble, I'm going to get involved." Sonny wanted to punch the door, but held himself back. He ran his hand over his eyes, and then looked into hers. "Emily…if you can't promise me to never interfere again, this ends right here and now." "What?!" Emily cried; "you're breaking up with me?" Sonny nodded, "that's right." Emily stared at him with her mouth open. "So, what's it going to be?" Sonny asked. "You're being totally unreasonable!" Emily yelled. "Max!" Sonny bellowed. Max ran out; "yes boss?" "I want you to take Emily back to Kelly's. Wait for her to change and then take her to the club. From now on you're with her 24/7." Max acknowledged his orders with a nod of the head and stepped back to let Emily walk away first. "Oh, and Max," Sonny added, knowing that Max must have grabbed Emily to stop her from leaving the house, "don't ever fucking touch her again." Max felt like he would pass out. "Sonny! We have to talk about this," Emily cried. Sonny walked back into the warehouse and shut the door.


Chapter 21

When Emily arrived at The Paradise Lounge that evening, she saw Sonny talking with Ginger. She immediately got jealous and thought Sonny was moving on from her already. When Sonny walked away from Ginger to go into his office, Emily hurried over to him. "You can't just dump me like that Sonny!" "Yes I can," he calmly replied. "I thought you loved me?" "I do love you; that's why it's over. I'm not going to sit back and watch something happen to you because you can't mind your own business. Promise me you do as I ask, and everything will be fine." "I don't want to lie to you," Emily replied. "If I promised that I'd be lying, because I love you so much I can't just sit back and watch you get hurt either!" "Then we have nothing else to discuss," Sonny stated. He went into his office and shut the door. "That lasted about as long as I expected," a voice spoke in her ear. She turned to find Ginger smirking at her. "You don't know what you're talking about," Emily told her. "I know Sonny's tired of you, which probably means he's ready for a real woman like me again. I think I'll go find out." Ginger brushed past Emily to head to Sonny's office. Emily grabbed her arm. "Oh no you don't you slut! You stay away from him!" Ginger tried to pull her arm away, and Emily hauled off and slapped Ginger's face with her free hand. "You fucking bitch!" Ginger roared. But before she could retaliate, Max had gotten hold of her. "Calm down Ginger. You hit the boss' girl and that's it for you!" "She's not his girl anymore," Ginger yelled; "he dumped her snooty ass!" Max looked at Emily as he replied "it's only temporary." Emily gave him a grateful smile.

"Now walk away Ginger," Max told her. She nodded her head, and he released her. She gave Emily one last glare before leaving them. "Are you OK?" Max asked Emily. "Physically, I'm fine. But my heart…" she stopped talking as Sonny came out of his office. "What happened?" he asked Max, having seen the tail-end of the action on one of the monitors. Max told him about the catfight while Emily just stared at him. Sonny waved Max off and then asked Emily to stay away from Ginger. "You want me to stay away from her? Oh my God, she's right. You want her now don't you?" Sonny rolled his eyes, "give me a break Emily. You think I'd want a slut like that after falling in love with a woman like you? All I meant was I don't want to have to hurt Ginger because she hurt you, so just stay away from her!" Sonny turned and walked out the back door. Emily watched him go and cried.

Hours passed, and Sonny hadn't returned to the club. Emily was heartbroken, but had resolved to give in and promise Sonny she'd stay out of his business if he would just walk back in the door. But besides the customers, the only one who walked in was Jason. He headed right to Sonny's office and saw he wasn't there. "Where's Sonny?" he asked Emily. "Isn't he with you?" she asked; "he left hours ago." "Left? His car is still in the parking lot. Didn't he say where he was going?" Jason questioned. "No, he was mad at me, remember?" "So he just walked out the front door without saying anything?" Emily shook her head. "He went out the back door." Jason hurried to the back door and Emily followed him…and Max followed her. Jason looked around near the door but couldn't see any sign of a struggle. Emily spotted something on the ground and bent down to retrieve it. "Oh no!" she cried. "What is it?" Jason asked grabbing what looked like a medallion on a chain from her hand. "It's the Cassadine family insignia," Emily informed him. "Cassa…who?" "My ex-in laws. The people who kidnapped me…they must have taken Sonny for revenge!" "Revenge for him rescuing you?" Jason was confused. "No," Emily replied, shaking. "Revenge for him killing my husband."

Emily, Jason & Max went back into Sonny's office to talk. "Tell me all about these Cassadines," Jason said as he started looking through Sonny's papers. "What are you looking for?" Max asked. "This," Jason replied, holding up a folder. "Talk," he told Emily, as he sat down and started to read through her background dossier. Emily looked at what he was reading. "Wait a minute, is that about me?" "Yup," Jason answered. "Seriously, I can read and listen to you at the same time. Tell me everything you know." Emily took a deep breath, and started on the story of her association with the Cassadines.

Sonny woke up with his head pounding. He tried to reach up to touch it but realized his arms were restrained. As was his entire body…in a chair. Then he tried to figure out where he was. It looked very familiar, but it was hard to make anything out. "Ah Mr. Corinthos, so glad you're back among us." A woman's voice rang out in the darkness. Sonny attempted to focus on her approaching form, but in addition to the lack of light, he was seeing double from being hit in the head. "That is…until I kill you myself," the woman added. "Kill me why?" Sonny asked in a gruff voice. Helena Cassadine came to a stop in front of him and shook her head. "Now really Mr. Corinthos, I would think a man in your position, top hoodlum and all, would be smarter than that. But I'll answer your question. You killed my precious grandson, the heir to the Cassadine throne. And now, it's your turn to die."


Chapter 22

Emily had filled Jason and Max in on the Cassadines, including what she knew about Helena, Nikolas' grandmother and the matriarch of the clan. But she left out some very personal information. Like how things weren't too bad in her marriage to Nikolas until Helena showed up. She was furious that Nikolas had married a "peasant" like Emily behind her back. She browbeat Nikolas about it to the point that he started resenting Emily. Helena told him the only way to make it right was to produce another heir…using Emily as vehicle for that and nothing more. But Emily didn't get pregnant and Nikolas grew furious with the whole situation. That's when he started beating her. After hearing Emily's screams one night, his grandmother congratulated him on demonstrating his superiority over his low-class wife.

"OK, I think I've heard enough," Jason stated. "Come on Max." Between Emily and the dossier, Jason had a good idea of where all the Cassadine properties were. The closest was the one in Newport, RI, but he doubted anyone would take Sonny back there. The rest were spread out all over the world and the U.S., with the next closest being in Miami. Jason didn't think they'd gone that far, and figured Sonny was being held somewhere in Port Charles. "We'll start by searching the waterfront," he declared. "Wait a minute!" Emily exclaimed; "you're not going anywhere without me!" Jason stared at her. "Didn't Sonny tell you to stay out of his business?" "His business not mine; this is mine. Sonny killed Nikloas because of me, and that's why he got grabbed." Jason shook his head, "forget it. Come on Max." "Uh…I can't," Max reluctantly informed him. "Why the hell not?!" Jason yelled. "Because the boss said I was with Emily 24/7. So either I stay here with her, or we all go." Emily smiled at him. Jason shook his head and said, "OK, you stay here then." "But you need help!" Emily cried. Jason retorted, "I have a whole organization of men to help me. I'll get them out searching the city. You stay here." He turned to Max, "and you keep her here." Max nodded his head, knowing Emily wasn't going to make it easy on him. Jason walked out. Emily looked at Max. "You know I'm going out there." "Please…not again…" "I really don't want to put you in a bad spot Max, but basically you're screwed. The only way to prevent me from leaving is for you to physically stop me. And we both know how Sonny will react to you putting your hands on me again." Max wanted to cry. "On the other hand," Emily continued, "if you go with me and help me, I might be able to talk Sonny out of being angry with you." "Angry?" Max exclaimed; "you think he's just going to be angry?" Emily didn't reply. Max sighed, "well come on then, let's go."

Meanwhile, Sonny was trading barbs with Helena Cassadine, who was doing her best to intimidate him. "Corinthos…that's Greek isn't it? My family had a servant at our villa in Greece named Corinthos. He was a useless peasant. I think my father had him shot for his incompetence." Sonny smiled at her. "You think I'm afraid of you lady? You think you're all superior to me? Yeah, I'm a 'peasant.' I'm a street kid who came from nothing…nobodies. But I'm not afraid of anyone." Helena smiled back. "Maybe not, but I know something you're very afraid of." Sonny narrowed his eyes and wondered what she was talking about.

"Men!" Helena yelled. Two huge men came forward and cut Sonny loose from the chair. His hands and feet were still bound. Then, they picked him up and carried him off. Helena followed grinning with sick satisfaction. The next thing Sonny knew he was pushed into a large hole in a wall. He fell back against rock and groaned in pain. "No one will hear you," Helena said. "And no one will find you. I'm going to finish what your stepfather started." Then she looked at her men and ordered, "seal him in." The men started piling large rocks into the opening. "You sick bitch!" Sonny yelled, wondering how she knew about Deke and the claustrophobia that resulted from his childhood abuse. Helena laughed and when her men finished, they all walked away. All Sonny could see was darkness. Realizing there was some room around him, he squatted down to the ground. As he tried to untie his bound feet with his bound hands, he started to pray. "God please don't let it end like this. If it's my time to die fine, but take me some other way. Not that I think I'm going to heaven or anything, I know I'm not. I know I've done some really bad things in my life, but I also know you know why. People hurt me when I was young, and I couldn't find another way to survive. And then, I couldn't find a way to get out of it. Yeah, OK, I admit it, I didn't want out. I love the power; I love the money. But you know why that is too. Because no one can hurt me, like he did." Sonny paused, he was having trouble breathing. "Man…this is tough…but I guess I'm wrong about that because that sick bi…oh, sorry God…that Cassadine woman I mean…I'm pretty much helpless right now." He was making headway on the knots. "Anyway, none of that matters. You see, you sent me an angel and now you're going to take me away from her. As bad as I am, I think she really needs me…see, she was hurt by someone too." Sonny fought to say calm as it got harder and harder to breathe. "Please God, don't take me away from her."


Chapter 23

"They're not going to be here!" Max exclaimed as he pulled the car up near Sonny's warehouse; the same warehouse where Sonny met with his men earlier that day. "It's worth a shot," Emily snapped. "Believe me, Helena is twisted. It'd be just like her to take Sonny to his own building." "Holy shit!" Max exclaimed; "look!" Emily gasped at the sight of Helena Cassadine leaving the warehouse with two large men. Then, she started crying. "We're too late! She's killed him!" Max reached over and touched her arm, "maybe not…oh shit sorry!" He pulled his hand away. "I…I…didn't mean to touch you!" "Oh who cares?!" Emily yelled, and opened the car door. Max grabbed her again. "OK this time, I DO mean to touch you. Wait till they're gone or they'll see you!" Emily realized he was right; she was too upset to think straight. Once Helena's limo had pulled away from around the side of the building, Max pulled his car closer. Then, Emily jumped out and ran to the door. "It's locked!" she yelled. Max caught up to her. "Stand back!" Emily moved away and Max took out his gun. He blew off the padlock and opened the door. Emily hurried inside yelling "Sonny!!" She and Max split up to search the building. To Emily's relief she didn't see Sonny's body anywhere. To her dismay, she didn't see Sonny alive either. "He's not here," she said sadly. "It was a good guess," Max said, trying to make her feel better. "Maybe Jason's had some luck, I'll call him." Emily was deep in thought. She felt certain Helena would have taken Sonny to this place; to rub Sonny's nose in everything he was going to lose. "Oh my God, we're so dumb!" she exclaimed. "What?" "Get back in the car!" Max did as she said, and it was a good thing because as soon as they drove off, the warehouse exploded.

"Are you still there God?" Sonny continued praying. He'd managed to untie his legs, but couldn't do much about his hands. He started trying to move some of the rocks blocking the opening, but it was hard to get a grip on anything. He was trying like hell to keep himself distracted and not think about what a small space he was in…not think about Deke. "OK, so it looks like you want me to die now like this. I guess you have your reasons. So all I can do is ask you to take care of Emily for me. I love her so much, and I never thought I'd love anyone like that. And I want her so bad…oh, sorry I shouldn't have said that. Just make sure she knows how much I love her, OK?" Picturing Emily's face, it seemed a bit easier to draw breath for a moment. And then, he passed out from the lack of air.

"Call the club!" Emily anxiously told Max; "make sure everyone gets out!" "You think they're going to blow it up too?" "Yes." "But you don't think they've got Sonny there?" "No. She took him to the place that most represents all he's earned in his life. What place would that be?" Max understood instantly, "the house!" "Yup, that beautiful mansion. That's where Sonny is, I just know it!"

Max called the club and then called Jason and told him to make sure everyone got out because there was a bomb there. Jason called some explosives experts he knew; he was determined to save Sonny's club if he could. When he got there, he saw a tall blond woman and two men sneaking out into the side alley. He took out his gun and went after them.

When they reached Sonny's mansion, Emily asked Max how to get to the basement. "Why the basement?" he inquired as he led her around to the bulkhead at the back of the house. "Because it's the most like a dungeon," Emily replied. "Oh yeah, they're royalty or some shit right?" "Some shit. They're a bunch of sickos, that's what they are." "Wait, I have a flashlight in the car!" Max said, and ran back to get it. Emily started walking down the stairs with only the moonlight showing the way. She called out Sonny's name as she went. Max rejoined her, and shined the flashlight in front of her. "This is a big basement," Emily stated. "Big house, big basement. Let's start searching," Max replied, taking her by the arm. "Max…" "Yeah?" "You know you're touching me, right?" "Oh who cares?!" he exclaimed. Emily almost laughed. They walked around the perimeter of the basement and Max shone the light on the stone walls. "Look!" Emily gasped. A few feet away, there was a part of the stone wall that didn't look as even as the rest. "Hold the light!" Max said, handing it to her. He ran over, and started pulling the rocks away.

Emily helped Max the best she could, but it was difficult to hold the flashlight and move rocks. Finally, the hole in the wall was exposed. Emily leaned over the remaining rock pile and shone the light inside. There was Sonny lying motionless on the ground. "Sonny!" she cried. Max kept shifting the rocks, and Emily climbed over them and him and into the opening. Max didn't even bother to try and stop her. Emily knelt down next to Sonny and felt for his pulse. He had one, but it was very weak. She looked up at Max and pleaded, "please hurry, he doesn't have much time!"


Chapter 24

Emily sat by Sonny's bedside in General Hospital waiting for him to wake up. The doctor's said they rescued him just in time. Any longer and he wouldn't have survived. As it was, they weren't sure if Sonny had brain damage from the lack of oxygen. Max stood guard outside the room, praying the boss would be OK, and that he wouldn't want to kill him. Then, he saw Jason coming towards him down the hall and remembered Jason would probably want to kill him too. "OK, before you say anything," Max began. Jason stopped him. "Yeah, you disobeyed orders. But you saved Sonny's life, so it's OK." Max was relieved. "Club OK?" he asked. Jason nodded, "yeah. We got everyone out, and diffused the bomb. And you'll never guess who I caught coming out of the place." "Helena?" Emily had joined them in the hallway. "Yeah, and her men." "Well that's a relief. So are they in custody?" Max and Jason both looked at her like she was nuts. "Oh…forget I said that," Emily replied, feeling foolish. She knew Jason had killed Helena and her thugs. "Thanks," she said. "You're welcome."

Another voice joined the mix. "Get away from my woman you two!" Emily's face broke into a wide grin, and she turned around. "Sonny!" She ran back into his room and practically threw herself on top of him. "Hey, watch it! I almost died here!" Sonny joked. Emily sat down on the edge of the bed instead. "Sorry. I'm just so happy you're awake!" "I'm so happy you're OK," he replied. "Me? You're the one sealed into a wall by a maniac!" "Yeah, but I didn't know what had happened to you. I mean I knew I gave Max strict orders not to let you out of his sight, but I doubt he followed them." Max stood in the doorway cringing. "Actually he did follow them," Emily informed Sonny. "He never let me out of his sight." "Who found me?" Sonny asked. Emily straightened the bed sheets around him. "Well, that's really not important, is it?" Sonny stared at her. "You…you found me?" Emily looked at him and nodded. "And was Einstein with you?" Sonny growled pointing at Max. Max put his head back, smacking it on the door frame. "Yes, but Sonny…" Sonny interrupted her. "I know, I know, you didn't give him a choice. You were going to go out and find me, and he couldn't stop you…am I warm?" Emily laughed, "baby you are smoking hot!" She leaned down to kiss him, and Sonny wrapped his arms around her. Then, he pulled his head away and yelled, "Max!" Max braced himself for a verbal beating, "yeah boss?" "Shut the door." Max smiled, backed out and shut the door behind him. "That was close," he commented to Jason who was still standing in the hallway. Jason just shook his head.

Inside, Sonny had pulled Emily on top of him. "I thought I had to be careful because you almost died," Emily teased. "That was then, this is now," Sonny retorted. He ran his hands over her body. "I never thought I'd hold you again…make love to you again." "I know," Emily sadly replied. "I thought she had killed you." "Oh shit, I need to talk to Jason about Helena," Sonny realized. "She's dead Sonny," Emily told him. "Jason killed her. She blew up the warehouse, and tried to blow up the club. But they got the bomb diffused. There was no bomb at the house, where she took you." "That's a relief. How did you know where to find me?" "I figured she'd take you somewhere that meant a lot to you," Emily answered. "Somewhere that represented your success." Sonny nodded. "She knew all about Deke and my problem with small spaces. I don't know how." "She's very resourceful. She probably had you researched when they realized where I'd gone. Maybe she even had a folder of information on you." Emily feigned anger, and Sonny felt guilty. "OK, about that…I was just being careful…a man in my position…" Emily laughed, "I'm just yanking your chain Sonny. I don't care that you got information on me. Actually, it's kind of flattering." Sonny smiled, "yanking my chain?" Emily laughed again. Then, she got serious. "It must have been awful for you, closed in like that." "Yeah, it was tough. But I kept thinking about you, and that helped a lot. And I prayed…I prayed that God wouldn't take me from you. And right before I passed out, it almost seemed like the claustrophobia was gone." Emily smiled, "looks like your prayers were answered. And so were mine."



"I don't know if they should have released you so soon," Emily worried as she and Sonny lay on his bed in the mansion. "I'm fine," Sonny answered. "No reason to use up a hospital bed for me. Besides, you heard the doctor…plenty of bed rest at home." Emily smiled, "rest being the operative word." Sonny smiled back. "You…me…a bed…rest…doesn't compute. Besides, I'm damn horny woman." Emily glanced down at his crotch. His silk pajama bottoms were standing more than ten inches away from his body. "Really? I hadn't noticed?" Sonny laughed and reached for her. "You just lie there mister," Emily ordered. "I'm going to give you some physical therapy now." "Yes ma'am!" Sonny cheerfully replied. He put his hands behind his head and relaxed down on the bed, his chest and arm muscles flexing. Emily ran her hands over his shirtless torso. "You are so hot," she moaned. "Hot for you," Sonny replied. Emily moved up to lick his chest. "I'd been meaning to ask you, are these scars from Deke?" "No. His are on my yours. These…I got shot busting my former boss out of prison," Sonny stated, staring at her. Emily looked up at him. "Really? Wow." Sonny waited to see what else she had to say on the subject. "I hope he was grateful," Emily added and moved her head back down to continue licking. Sonny smiled and told her, "I am so in love with you it's not even funny." Emily grinned against his body, "mmmmm the feeling's mutual." She flicked her tongue over one of his nipples…and then the other. Sonny tried to remain still. "Stop teasing me woman!" "Oh, so you don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot huh?"

Ready for some serious action herself, Emily scooted down and eased the pajama bottoms down over Sonny's hips. His cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the eye. "Oops!" "Be careful there now," Sonny said in a gruff voice; "lethal weapon you know." "Mmmm very lethal," Emily moaned taking it in her mouth. "Oh yeah, that's it…" Sonny groaned. Emily sucked him slowly using firm pressure with both her mouth and hand. "Stroke it harder baby," Sonny ordered as he thrust his hips up at her. She did, and increased the pace of her sucking. "Unh…yeah…keep that up and I'm gonna blow!" Emily stopped and released him from her mouth. "No!" Sonny yelled putting his hands over his face. "Shhhhh," Emily reassured him. "I have other plans for you." Sonny shook his head, knowing she was paying him back for teasing her so badly during a previous love making session. But his disappointment was momentary as Emily removed her teddy and thong and guided his cock into her pussy. She lowered herself down onto him, taking him in inch by inch. "Better now?" she teased. "Oh yeah, much better," Sonny growled. He moved his arms down and put his hands around her slender waist; his fingers could practically touch. Emily started riding him, and Sonny helped her by lifting her up…and then bringing her back down. He thrust up from underneath her for good measure. Emily's head fell back as she lost all control over her own body. Sonny slammed her down, and slammed up into her. "Sonny!!!!!!!!!!!!" Emily wailed. "I'm gonna fuck you so good…" Sonny groaned. Without thinking, he took one hand off her waist and slapped her ass. Emily smiled through her haze of pleasure, realizing that Sonny now felt totally free with her. She knew they'd have years and years of love and making love ahead of them.

The End